The Alan Peat Pocket App of Exciting Sentences

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Teacher Overview

The Alan Peat Pocket App of Exciting Sentences is designed for teachers, although there is also a companion app for students (iOS only).  It provides a straightforward, logical and yet interesting way to meet the demands of the curriculum in teaching writing skills.  Each section provides a method to record your own teaching notes and can also be shared on DropBox for sharing with colleagues.

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Inside the app

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From the Developer

Alan Peat’s sentence types are already used in 22 countries. Now, for the first time, they are available as an app with genre-links and in-built interactivity.

The Alan Peat Pocket App of Exciting Sentences provides teachers and parents with 25 ‘consistent-language’ sentence types, clearly explained and right there on either iPad or iPhone instantly at hand.

The app includes an Introduction to the sentence types with THREE sets of examples for each sentence: generic examples; genre-specific examples (both fiction and non-fiction) and Mathew Sullivan’s Introductory language/ Intermediate language/ Higher order examples.

Additionally the App includes a ‘Developmental Continuum’ designed to help schools and parents to understand when (and how!) to best introduce the sentence types – ideal for ‘whole school’ approaches to grammar.

For ease-of-use the app also features a ‘Sentence Grammar Glossary’ using plain English to explain complex grammatical features of sentences, with the useful addition of embedded teaching tips.

Finally the app also allows users to make and save their own personal notes/ lesson plans directly in-app. You can also back them up to Dropbox and email them directly from the app: two handy tools for networks of schools seeking to share ideas and planning!

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