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About Teuida: Learn Korean & Speak

Teuida is a Korean learning app that’s available for iOS and Android, with instructions in English or Vietnamese. The app takes a unique approach to language teaching by simulating conversations, including some featuring K-Pop star Nancy from Momoland. Users of the app have the opportunity to get lots of speaking practice and feedback on pronunciation through voice recognition technology.

Teuida is a Korean learning app that is speaking based. The creators believe that the best way to learn Korean is to actually get practice speaking. Each lesson is a video of a real-life conversation. In each video there a series of phrases to learn! There are also a wide array of topics to pick from.

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Teuida: Learn Korean & Speak Review

Teuida is an app that helps users to learn and acquire all knowledge about the Korean language. It helps users to gain full access to the language and increase their skills. 

What do we like about Teuida Korean?

Teuida assists you in overcoming your fear of public speaking by imitating actual situations while removing all social anxiety. The app's characters won't make fun of you for pronouncing words incorrectly.

What skills does it improve?

The crazy selection of fully bilingual tutors not only speak Korean but understand where you’re coming from. They know exactly what to teach you because they've been in your shoes and it helps users a lot. What's the point of repeating sentences aloud if you can't tell whether you're pronouncing them right? Teuida has a convenient voice recognition system that will give instant feedback on your pronunciation.

Is Teuida Korean free?

Teuida is available for free to download on all Android and iOS devices. 

Is Teuida Korean easy to use?

Teuida has a superb user design, and it’s easy to use. It offers lots of speaking practice as advertised.

How will users benefit?

Teuida is a speaking-based Korean language learning application. The authors contend that speaking Korean frequently is the best approach to learning the language. Every lesson consists of a video of an actual discussion. There are several phrases to learn in each video! There is a sizable selection of themes as well.

Teuida believes learning is most effective when it's fun! You'll find yourself laughing, screaming and at times even cringing with the characters in the app. The app offers real-life everyday situations. 

Everything from ordering a drink at the cafe to talking to your KPOP bias.

How much does Teuida Korean cost?

Teuida lacks accurate voice recognition features and detailed pronunciation features.

Final thoughts

Teuida is a Korean language study application that is accessible on iOS and Android and offers guidance in either English or Vietnamese. By simulating conversations, including those that include K-Pop sensation Nancy from Momoland, the app employs a novel method of teaching languages. Voice recognition technology in the app gives users the chance to practise speaking a lot and receive feedback on their pronunciation.

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