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Test & Learn — GCSE Biology

About Test & Learn — GCSE Biology

Test your knowledge of GCSE Biology with this brilliant Test & Learn app from CGP! It’s perfect for a bit of quick-fire revision whenever you’ve got a few minutes spare…

• Hundreds of multiple-choice questions, with short explanations of each answer
• Three game types — Best of 10, Sudden Fail and Time Trial
• Over 300 Q&A cards — test yourself (or a friend) on the important facts
• Progress tracking shows you how well you’re doing in each module
• 36 Achievements to earn
• Page references to CGP’s matching Revision Guides for more info on each topic
• Covers the AQA, Edexcel, OCR Gateway and OCR 21st Century exam boards
• Ideal for Higher Level GCSE courses (grades A*-C)

This app is designed for Android phones (2.2 or later).

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