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About Tenuto

Tenuto app contains a collection of 15 customizable exercises designed to enhance your musicality on your iPhone and iPad, in addition to five different calculators that you can use to determine intervals, chords, accidentals, and loads more.

Tenuto Review

Theory Lessons is one of our favourite and most recommended music theory apps for the iPhone to my students.

Tenuto offers more than a dozen different exercises that you can use on a daily basis to practice and sharpen up the various aspects of your musicality, largely centered on sight reading and being able to correctly identify tones by ear.

Based on the format you choose, you’ll be tasked with identifying notes, chords, intervals, and key signatures, enabling you to build up a solid foundational knowledge and understanding of music notation.

Tenuto is a true asset to the Music category of the App Store, and to any musician who should be wise enough to check it out, which of course I would strongly recommend!

As I mentioned above, this really is for those of you who are serious about getting real good at reading music and identifying notes by ear, so if this sounds like you then you’ll definitely want this app on your iPhone and iPad.

It’s a firm favourite of teachers and students and for only £3.99 it’s awesome value for money to help you become more musical and improve your music theory knowledge.

Is the content really free on the website?

Yes, all content on the site is available free of charge and without ads. 

Which web browsers work with musictheory.net?

We strongly encourage you to access the site using a modern web browser released in the past year, especially when using this site in a classroom environment.

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