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Temple GCSE

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About Temple GCSE

‘Temple GCSE’ is a simple study app that uses mini-quizzes to test the knowledge of students, yet it does so much more by helping students develop confidence in their learning. By successfully completing a quiz your very own temple building will begin to form. Master an entire subject and your temple will be complete – you will literally see your achievements build as you target each individual part of the subject. Challenge yourself to build all the temples by acing every subject.

Temple GCSE Review

The scene is set in a mountainous landscape with the occasional floating rock on which you can construct your very own temple. These monumental structures are shaped by your progress through mini-quizzes based on specific sections of a GCSE course. By successfully completing all of the sections, and therefore having covered all the content in a chosen course, you will be reward with a magnificent temple. This represents your mastery of a subject although there is a clever twist – your temple will not last forever. This is meant to symbolise how your brain retains what it has learnt; it must revisit content periodically, soon after it has been learnt. To maintain your temple, you must keep attempting quizzes on each topic. Very few educational apps consider this fundamental part of learning. For GCSE students this is significantly important as they will be tested on content that will be taught over two years of study.

There are currently three exam boards supported; AQA, Edexcel and OCR. When setting up your profile you will also be ask to select the exam board for the subject you will be studying. The topics within each subject are therefore split up to match the appropriate syllabus reference and you can feel confident that you are targeting specific parts of the course. So far the app contains the three Science subjects and the developer is promising to add more to this in the near future.

Each 5-minute quiz is made up of mostly multiple choice questions with four possible answers to select from. There are a few other styles of questions such as putting sentences together in the correct sequence and placing terms into the best possible category. Usually the first few questions are straight-forward and then you are presented with a long-structured question with each answer building on the previous answer. The writers have deliberately mixed up these approaches to questioning so that it potentially mimics an actual exam question.

Once you have answered a set of questions you are presented with immediate feedback. Your score is displayed based on how many questions were answered correctly as well as a percentage. If your percentage is above 75% then you can progress to choose another section and your temple will have developed one stage further. However, any score below 75% invites you to ‘try again’.

There are two additional options available for ever quiz you complete – a ‘mark scheme’ and ‘ideal answers’. The ‘mark scheme’ is a slightly misleading label for the chance to look back at the answers you had given and the ‘ideal answers’ is of course the correct solutions to the questions. If you are interested in checking which answers you gave incorrectly, it can be a bit frustrating. You’ll end up jumping between the two options trying to work out which ones are right and which ones are wrong. A handy improvement might be to merge both these options into one.

It is remarkable that all of this is available in an app that is free! There are a few minor mistakes here and there that a teacher or student may pick up on but the concept behind what this study app delivers is worth investing in. Overall this app is highly recommended to boost any students’ confidence and ultimately their grades.

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