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Teleport Learning - Bingo!

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About Teleport Learning - Bingo!

Bingo is essentially an educational game based around the game Bingo as the title would suggest. The interesting aspect of this game is the fact that a number of different devices connect across a common WiFi system to play the game. One iPad is the controller and they flip the cards to the other devices on request. The game has an immediate ‘social’ property that is an example of technology enhancing the social process.

Teacher Review

Setting the game up is very simple; and even the least confident parent/teacher would feel comfortable with the process and there is also a useful short video guide to help you along the way. Each device has to download the game and the controller, who needs to be on an iPad has to set the game up. Once the game is set up each ‘child device’ can join the game and they are provided with a bingo card.

The controller or ‘parent device’ when setting up the new ‘Table’ has a bright, colourful and ‘touchy feely’ set up screen and a choice button which when clicked displays another controller screen with a choice of different types of cards. The choices are Animals, Food and Drinks, Home and Nature. Further choices about how the user wants to set up the screen are provided, the music icon is a toggle to switch on or off, the table colour has a choice of six different colours and the back of the card pack style has a choice of eight different patterns. The whole screen is well designed and intuitive with a valueless but neat feature of being able to swipe the controller around the screen, pointless but rather pleasing at the same time! When the user presses the ‘Play’ button the next screen displays the table and a pleasant graphic with sound of the cards being shuffled and ready to be dealt. The graphic for the help guide is peeping out from the bottom of the screen and this can be manipulated around the screen and scrolled through so that the “Game Leader” can explain the game to the children. When the children are ready on their devices small green semi circles appear around the perimeter of the controller’s screen with the name of the device, denoting that they have joined the game and are ready to play. The controller then flips the first card and tells the children, yes they have to speak to the children, always a nice feature, what the card is, for example a hedgehog. When the parent has told the children what it is, the children have to look on their screen to work out whether they have a hedgehog and they have to speak to the parent and the parent will then flip the card to the corresponding icon on the screen and the card will magically disappear on their screen and appear on the child’s screen! When the child receives the card they can then place it over the corresponding card. This whole process is continued until the first child completes their bingo card. The parent then has an option to continue the game if other children want to.

Whilst on paper this sounds rather boring, children are excitedly engaged in the process and the ability of the technology not get in the way of the game and enhance this process, with excellent graphics and slick touch and flip techniques is testament to the excellent value of the game.

I like the game and my grandchildren love it, in fact they are currently pestering me to get on with another round, so that’s all for now!

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  • Teleport Learning - Bingo!Teleport Learning - Bingo!Teleport Learning - Bingo!Teleport Learning - Bingo!Teleport Learning - Bingo!


Bingo is an educational game built with an idea of happy family where parents are playing and learning with kids in a fun and easy way. Teleport learning created a unique game platform that simulates teleportation and physics to help preschoolers with meeting things from a real world (animals, food, home elements and nature themes)

With Bingo game you can now play with kids in a single app from various devices. You could easily socialize with little kids, teach toddlers and have a wonderful time.

Time Together
This game is a great opportunity to get connected and socialize with children and their friends.

Play & Learn
Play and see how your kids easily learning and having fun.

For Various Ages
The game fits different ages from toddlers to preschool age.

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