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About TED

The TED app is a platform designed for exploring, downloading, and watching TED talks—short, impactful videos by experts and innovators discussing various subjects including technology, entertainment, and design, all within a concise 18-minute frame. TED app is freely available for iOS and Android users, offering unrestricted access to over 3,000 talks in over 100 languages.

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TED Review

What is TED app

TED is a video app designed to feed your curiosity, by watching smart people talk about all kinds of subjects. Although the organization’s name stands for ‘Technology, Entertainment, Design’, it’s fundamentally interested in ideas. Example talks we watched during testing included a piece about screen time for kids (and why related fears are not true), not suffering in silence from depression, and mind-blowing magnified portraits of insects. What we’re saying is: this app has range. 

In the app, the "Featured" section allows you to discover new and trending videos, ensuring you're always up to date with popular content. Under "All Talks," videos are meticulously organized by 'Tags' (like astronomy, cities, evolution), 'Themes' (such as Art Unusual, How We Learn), 'Ratings' (including categories like beautiful, informative), and 'Languages,' which offers subtitles in more than 70 languages, catering to a global audience. For a more personalized experience, the "My Talks" section provides quick access to your Downloads and Bookmarks, making it easy to revisit your favorite talks or continue exploring topics of interest at your convenience.

TED Features and How it works

User Interface and Browsing

On the top right of the screen you have the search bar, the audio podcast and the settings tab. We preferred browsing the TED library – by theme, tags, popularity- and after choosing a video we found a short presentation on the subject of the talk and the speaker, suggested videos to watch next and related talks organized by themes and tags. 

Video and Audio Quality

The video quality is very good, sharp and we didn’t have any problems with streaming over a Wi-Fi or a 3G connection. You can choose to listen to TED Radio Hour or, if you prefer, the live audio recordings of TEDTalks. It is perfect for listening in the car, on the airplane, on your way commuting to or back from school or when you jog or run.

Offline Use

The most important feature of TED app is that it allows you to download videos and audio recordings (where available) for offline viewing and listening. They can easily be accessed under the ‘My Talks’ tab. If you don’t have enough space to download the videos (offered in high or low quality) you can bookmark the ones that interest you easily return to them when connected to Internet. Users have to be aware that a download will continue in the background after you left the TED application.

Sharing and Languages

We can click the subtitle icon on the video player's bottom left to activate subtitles. We find videos in our preferred language under 'Languages' in 'All Talks'. The subtitles, available in multiple languages, are reliably translated by volunteers and reviewed before addition. We download talks with subtitles for offline viewing. Additionally, we have access to easy sharing options such as Dropbox and Facebook.

Is it good for learning?

TED is an invaluable learning resource for students that will allow them to create their own library based on their particular interests. There are many teachers who use TEDTalks to inspire students and we believe the app will facilitate the exploration of more talks outside the classroom.

Can I download TED talks to my iPhone?

TED app allows users to browse and watch TEDTalks, videos ranging from 3 minutes to 18 minutes in length. Users can download video or audio of TED talks for offline playback.

Final Verdict: Ted Review

TED app is an inspiring resource for students, teachers and parents and will make watching TEDTalks so much easier with the sleek interface, the download features and the support for so many languages. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TED TV app?

Our TED TV app shows the full library of TED Talks - all 3,000+ of them, with subtitles - and offers a cool little feature: Watch Anything, which picks a great TED Talk for you at random. Or you can use voice search within the app to find a talk that interests you. The best Apple TV app for anyone who wants to earn, it has a continually updated repository for all the TED and TEDx talks you'll want to watch. The app's search function is stellar, too.

What is TED-Ed

TED-Ed is a “lesson creator” platform that allows you to structure an assignment around a video and assess students’ engagement with the material. TED-Ed is an open platform and is limited simply by the number of appropriate and relevant videos available on YouTube.

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  • Rating: 4
  • Devices: Android, iPad, iPhone
  • Category: Reference, Apps for College Students, Teaching Resources
  • Ages: College/University (18+ Years of Age), Primary School Apps (7-11 Years), Secondary School Apps (11-14 Years), Secondary School Apps (14-18 Years)
  • Skills: Cognitive Development, Engagement and Usability, Communication Skills, Critical Thinking
  • In-App Purchases: No
  • In-App Advertising: No
  • Publisher: TED Conferences

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