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About TeachMe: Kindergarten

TeachMe: Kindergarten is an award-winning app that teaches six different age-appropriate subjects to kindergarten/Reception children. Subjects include sight words, addition, subtraction, spelling, and writing letters and numbers. Subjects align with the US common core standards enabling parent and child to practice relevant curriculum-based topics whilst achieving rewards. The application is suitable for home and classroom users from ages 2 to 7 for US kindergarten and UK Reception education for aged 4 and above.

The app is free from in-app adverts and in-app purchases. The application plays in landscape mode and is suitable for both mobile and tablet devices. It is noted that the application is available on both iOS and Android platforms for the US market as TeachMe: Kindergarten and the UK market as TeachMe: Reception. The developers have created a portfolio of applications that also support Preschool, 1st, 2nd and 3rd-grade learning. The application is supported by a website that maps the common core standards against the content of the application.

TeachMe: Kindergarten Review

The application opens promptly in landscape mode and displays information regarding the ‘Parental controls’ set up. Parental Controls can be set up by tapping on ‘Settings’ then ‘Enable Parental restrictions. This will allow the user to enter a passcode for making further changes within the player settings. This information can also be hidden.

The ‘Home’ dashboard provides several options which include: Help, Settings, more and the option to add a player using the ‘+’ icon. 

Selecting the ‘Help’ icon provides the user with further options which include: About, Getting started in-app instructions, email support, terms of use and the privacy policy.

The ‘Settings’ option allows the user to enable parental controls as well as locking player switching which stops a player from using the application as a different player. Players can also be added to this part of the application.

The ‘More’ icon is parentally protected and requires the user to hold the ‘More’ button down for three seconds to unlock. Once pressed an age restriction message is provided to allow access to further applications from the developer for those who are 13 years and older. The developer’s applications include TeachMe: Toddler, TeachMe:1st Grade, TeachMe:2nd Grade, TeachMe:3rd Grade, TeachMe: Maths Facts and smiley Sight Words. 

Press the ‘+’ icon to add a player and enter their name along with a chosen avatar. The players' achievement screen displays the users progress. Tapping the mouse icon (Mimi Mouse) in the top-right provides a delightful set of instructions to assist the user experience. The games displayed include Math: Addition, Math: Subtraction, Spelling, Dolch Sight Words, letter and number writing. The Dolch Sight Words list is the most commonly used set of sight words. Educator Dr Edward William Dolch developed the list in the 1930s-40s by studying the most frequently occurring words in children’s books of that era. The list contains 220 “service words” plus 95 high-frequency nouns. Further players can be added using the ‘+’ icon.

Selecting the ‘Play’ option enters ‘Teach town’ where the user can swipe to select School, The Fish Store or The Art Store. Each selection is greeted with instructional narration via the mouse icon along with coins achieved at the bottom of the screen.

‘The School’ – Selecting this option provides the player with educational games based on the learning experience displayed in the Players Achievement dashboard. We encountered a game to write the number 4, simple addition and subtraction. The player can earn a coin by achieving three correct answers. It is noted that each game has helpful instructions, prompts, delightful graphics and the ability to return to ‘teach Town’ at any stage. The game does require some fine motor skills to move numbers and letters into position to provide an answer.

The application provides several different educational games. We encountered:

  • Letter and Number drawing – Using a finger trace the number or letter shown. There is an option to erase any mistakes. Further instructions are provided if mistakes are made. 
  • Simple Addition and subtraction – Users can move images to help with addition and subtraction. A correct number needs to be dragged into the space shown to complete the equation.
  • Missing Letters – The user is required to find the missing letter to the picture provided by dragging the letter into the desired space.
  • Find the word – The user is required to find a word from a selection of four-word cards.

The application lists the following Learning subjects on the app stores.

  • Sight Words: Dolch (Pre-K), Dolch (K)
  • Addition: up to a total of 10
  • Subtraction: from 10 down
  • Spelling: complete words by choosing the missing letter
  • Letter Writing: how to write letters a-z, A-Z
  • Number Writing: how to write numbers 0-9.

Once the users have earned several coins they have the option to spend them in the Teach Town stores.

The Fish Store – This Aquarium needs filling. Choose the fish food icon at the bottom of the screen to enter the store. The user can choose to purchase the following items: Fish (5 coins), Fish Food (1 coin), Gravel (5 coins), Decorations (5 coins) and Centre Pieces (5 Coins). At the check-out choose the hand icon to make the payment and then drag the object into the circle to fill the aquarium. The virtual aquarium provides 4 types of animated fish.

The Art Store – This store provides some optional starting backgrounds which include: A beach scene, An underwater reef scene, a Pirate Cove scene, a City scene, a farmyard scene and a playground scene. Once an art background has been chosen, stickers can be purchased from a huge range displayed. Once again there are some delightful instructions to be found using the mouse icon on the top right of the screen.

If the user wishes to return to the previous menu then they simply press the green arrow in the top left-hand corner of the screen. It is noted that all scores are retained even when the application has been closed. The application also includes the ability to change the number of correct questions to earn a reward, change the number of questions in a row to mark a question learned and export sticker rewards scenes to Photos, for emailing or using as wallpaper.

Is the TeachMe: Kindergarten app easy to use?

TeachMe: Kindergarten is a versatile application with menu systems and features that are very easy to navigate. The application has a clean look to the interface and the graphics are user friendly. At no point does the screen look over cluttered. Each of the menus can be easily accessed and the gameplay works seamlessly. The mouse icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen provides in-app instructions and prompt throughout all levels.

How will parents benefit?

Parents can set their child off and running with the application with very little support from the outset. Not only is the application great fun it also has educational value in improving mental math ability and literacy. The range of content is good for differentiated learning and the reward system is a great motivational tool. Parents can review the performance history for each subject to check how their child is doing.

How will teachers benefit?

Teachers can set their students off and running with the application with very little support from the outset. Teaching mathematics and literacy at any level can sometimes be difficult as well as uninspiring. This application brings a fun, exciting, rewarding platform that can be used by ages 2 to 7. Teachers can review performance history for each subject to check how their children are progressing and add up to 40 students to the application. 

How will the user benefit?

It’s great fun! Our users found the application a delight to use and kept playing the educational games again and again. They particularly enjoyed the variety of gameplay, there is something for everyone! The graphics are well presented and the rewards system provides a wide range of stickers and animation that provide endless fun.

What we love about the TeachMe: Kindergarten app

The application is easy to understand and gave an educational focus for the game. The developers can be congratulated on the amount of content provided within the application. When using the addition and subtraction games we loved how objects can be collected and removed into containers to help the user understand the equation.

It was reassuring to see that the developers have thought carefully about the applications access and have provided secure player and parental lock settings which are welcomed. Parents will be happy to know that the content of the application has been mapped against relevant curriculum topics. We simply love Mimi Mouse who provides guided instructions along with personal feedback throughout the gameplay.

What the TeachMe: Kindergarten app could improve on

TeachMe: Kindergarten is a good application and there is a limited amount of improvements that can be made, however, we have suggested the following:

The developers may want to consider adding music to the application to enhance the user experience. Music can often promote competition and concentration.

The developers may want to consider the ability to add photos for an avatar. This could be ideal for a classroom situation where the teacher would need to identify several students first-hand. 

We found the letter and number writing quite frustrating. The application would instruct us to stay on the grey line as shown even though we were often spot on. 

The developers may employ some kind of failure in educational games. The user can achieve three coins every time even if they guess continually. This would encourage resilience if the user did not achieve coins the first time around.

The developers may add the option to skip a question that may provide another question alternative.

We were unsure of the scoring system used in the Achievements screen. After playing over ten games we were yet to see any progress in this section. Some users might find this demoralising.

Our users were disappointed with the animation in the aquarium. Tapping on the fish simply gave a dull thud rather than an excited moving fish. The developers might want to consider adding a more exciting interface here. 

The developers may want to consider the ability to scale and rotate the stickers within the artwork.

The developers may want to consider using the sticker Artwork as part of a certificate that can be printed and displayed within the home or classroom.

How much does TeachMe: Kindergarten cost?

TeachMe: Kindergarten is a paid application via Apple's iOs App Store and Google Play for Android users.

Is TeachMe: Kindergarten safe to use?

Yes. The application does not require an account and email to start with. The application does not contain any offensive elements or 3rd party adverts.

Overall Rating of the application

TeachMe: Kindergarten is an all-around progressive application providing educational content that supports mathematics, literacy and more. The application comes with a user-friendly platform and a variety of content that is suitable for ages 2 to 7. TeachMe: Kindergarten comes highly recommended by The EducationalAppStore.com.

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