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About Teacher's Assistant Pro 3

Teacher's Assistant Pro 3 is a versatile data-management app designed for teachers. Its features reflect an excellent understanding of how teachers need to access and use student data giving it the potential to cut down on admin and streamline school organisation.

Teachers can download the app for free on iOS and Android and enjoy a seven-day free trial. The app allows synchronisation across iOS and Android, and users choose whether to use cloud storage or keep all data only on their device.

Teacher's Assistant Pro 3 Review

What is Teacher's Assistant Pro 3 app?

You've probably found many uses for your mobile device to help you keep track of the many things a teacher needs to remember, monitor and do. Many teachers use a mix of built-in apps and third-party apps to do this. That works, but it does have problems.

  • Your information is spread across apps
  • You're probably shoehorning some tasks into apps not designed for a teacher's needs
  • You have to manually share data valuable to other staff
  • It can be inefficient to update data across the apps

Can an app dedicated to teachers do it better? This review of Teacher's Assistant Pro 3 will help you decide.

Teacher's Assistant Pro 3 reflects the ongoing admin that teachers need to monitor and act upon. The tools it has reflect excellent research into what is involved in a teacher's daily routine and responsibilities.

Its core functionality makes it easy for you to record positive and negative incidents, associated data and pictures, and manage how that incident is communicated and processed in the future. You can also easily share notices with groups of parents using the app.

Teacher's Assistant Pro 3

  • Keeps all of your most-needed student data in one place
  • Is designed specifically for school use with relevant tools
  • Can easily share data with other staff
  • Uses a single source of data making it easy to maintain
  • Is highly customisable to your needs

What we love about Teacher's Assistant Pro 3 app.

Teacher's Assistant Pro 3 puts the data teachers have about their students and how they need to search and update it at the centre of its features and toolset. It feels designed for teachers rather than adapted for them.

You might be used to adapting your workflow to fit into software not fully designed for teacher use, but Teacher's Assistant Pro 3 adapts to you. This teacher-oriented approach extends to the app's customisation options. If your role requires that you hold a data category for kids not typical of other teachers, this is no problem.

You can add the field, populate it as you see fit, and then use the data for searching or sorting as you need. If your school uses different terminology to the default terms in the app, you can change them.

A thoughtful addition is the inclusion of some classroom tools which will help with teaching. The randomiser option takes the data you've already entered and gives you convenient choices of randomising it. You can allocate kids into random groups for project work, create a random order for class reading, or pick the next student to answer a question. You can easily mark kids off as they contribute and carry the randomised order over to the next lesson too.

It is a rare school where all staff use the same device family. If you are responsible for choosing whole-school software and selecting an option that only works on one platform or limits the interchange of information, you risk upsetting some staff. Either they'll feel pressured into changing platforms or don't have the full breadth of tools available to other staff.

Fortunately, Teacher's Assistant Pro 3 has expanded to include Android and iOS. In addition, both device families can synchronise data.

What features does it have?

Teacher's Assistant Pro 3 has many features and is adaptable to cover many teacher roles and the students they teach.

Essentially the app lets you import the data relevant to your students and customise how it is presented, accessed, searched and updated. Additional tools useful to teachers enhance this further.

There are too many features to list and explain in this review of Teacher's Assistant Pro 3, so we recommend you check out the app's supporting website to fully understand all of the features available in the app and what they offer teachers.

Is Teacher's Assistant Pro 3 app easy to use?

Teacher's Assistant Pro 3 works equally well on phone-sized screens as it does on tablets. As with any administrative tool, you will need to become familiar with it, but its usage is similar to other tools and apps, making it easy to pick up for most users. There is a selection of helpful FAQs and video guides for anything where you are stuck.

Naturally, the app will start devoid of any useful data, so you'll need to import this in. You can do this with a CSV file utilising email, your device's files or DropBox. There are a few steps to this. As you'll appreciate, every school stores its data differently, so you need to get yours ready for the app. Assuming you already have your data in a spreadsheet, you'll find this easy to do, and the app provides video support to help you.

Once you have the data in your app, interrogating it, searching it, updating it, and everything else you might want to do follows a logical sequence using a familiar user interface. It might be a little time before using the app is second nature, but you're unlikely to ever feel stuck.

How will teachers benefit?

It is not uncommon for apps to assume that teachers' administration needs are similar to those of workers in industry or other professions. This can result in missing features and options that would make teachers' lives easier.

It is great to see that Teacher's Assistant Pro 3 takes into account the differences between the routines of teachers and others. For example, not many people need to reset their admin, almost to a clean slate each year, but teachers do when they take on a new class.

This could be done by manually adjusting individual records, but thankfully, Teacher's Assistant Pro 3 has an easy end-of-term cleanup process to get your data back to a place ready for the following year.

The features, design, and approach of Teacher Assistant Pro 3 feel informed by the needs of practising teachers, not guesses of unfamiliar developers.

All of the apps' features and methods combine to make the app a tool that could become central to teachers' daily lives, reducing administration, aiding communication, and improving their organisation.

What can Teacher's Assistant Pro 3 app improve on?

Good video-based support is excellent to have, as Teacher Assistant Pro 3 does. However, video is not always the quickest way to find something out, and it is not always convenient for a teacher to listen to and view a video. Accompanying the existing support with similarly detailed text-based guides would be useful.

How much does Teacher's Assistant Pro 3 app cost?

You can download the app for free and begin a seven-day free trial of the full app. We'd recommend that you do this before the start of a teaching week so that you have the chance to see how well it meshes with your daily school life.

What is included with the free version vs. paid?

When the seven-day free trial is up, you can choose to carry on using the app through a low-priced subscription. If you have decided that the app will work for you during the free trial, we'd recommend going for the annual subscription for the best value.

Is Teacher's Assistant Pro 3 app safe to use?

Teacher's Assistant Pro 3 is for teachers, and none of its features is relevant to children's use, although there is nothing in the unpopulated app that would be unsuitable for them to see.

You are likely to enter school and children's data into the app which will then be stored using a cloud-based service, so you should ensure that the app's privacy policy and its storage of data conform to your local laws and school policies.

Teacher's Assistant Pro 3 will be holding personal data, so you have the choice of setting an option to make the app require a PIN to open it. This can be a crucial safety feature as nobody is immune from the inclination to sometimes put down their unlocked device without thinking whether somebody else could pick it up and access it.

The app's privacy policy outlines the data that it collects and how it is used and for what purpose. The app acknowledges its adherence to the principles of FERPA, which is relevant to US schools.

Overall rating of the app.

What is your time worth? How much do you value simplicity in your work processes?

Answering these questions alongside trying Teacher's Assistant Pro's free trial will tell you if the app is for you. The app's low subscription fee means that if you find any of its many features useful, it will provide you with good value.

You can continue to use a collection of apps to keep track of the myriad of events in a teacher's daily life. However, if you want to consolidate, administer and store work related events in a single, efficient, and useful app, Teacher's Assistant Pro 3 is for you.

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