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About Teacher's Assistant Pro

This app is designed to enable teachers to track the actions, achievements, and behaviors of their students. It lets teachers to easily communicate with their students’ parents via a mobile device. For a teacher, tracking the behavior of a student with this app is as easy. That’s because this app collects the required data during a conference. Thus, the teacher gets all the information they need right from this app.

What’s more, the app allows you to add time and date, where something happened, class period, photos, teacher’s actions, detailed description, and whether the parent was informed. Student’s information can also be included. This includes the cell phone number of the parent and email address among others. Clearly, this is a great app for any teacher that wants to keep track of the behavior of the students.

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iPad, iPhone


Organisational and Productivity Skills


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Save time with the best classroom management app!
Teacher's Assistant Pro allows you to keep track of student actions, behaviors, and achievements in the classroom. Communicate quickly and easily with parents via iPhone or iPad. The app is used by teachers all around the world.

The MOST reliable app with WORLD CLASS email support (

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"This is definitely a MUST HAVE app for classroom teachers" - Michael in Georgia
"My paperwork has been cut down by more than half"- Yvonne in California.
"I have wanted the ability to have an anecdotal record for parent conference purposes"- Judy in Ohio

Featured in USA TODAY as one of the "best teacher apps",, and Classroom 2.0 LIVE!

Teacher's Assistant Pro collects the data you enter, and when you're ready to contact the parent or have a conference, you have all the data you need. The app stores the name of the infraction/accolade, the date and time, where it occurred, any pictures you attached, which class period, a detailed description, what teacher action was issued (and if it was served), and whether the parent had been notified.

You can also share data with other Teacher's Assistant Pro users via email, dropbox, or backup your data in iTunes. You can also export all your student action records via email or dropbox.

• Import names, classes, phone numbers, email addresses
• Email student actions to administrators and parents easily and quickly
• Use colors and points for documentation
• Print actions
• Call/text parents right away
• Store unlimited parent names and student contact info
• Add a photo to any action for more thorough documentation
• Filter your students by class, action, or just about anything
• Use random student lists and groups for class participation (Randomizer)
• Import data with an easy to use CSV template (under "Resources")
• Easily enter details
• Send announcements to all students or pick classes using Email Blast
• Edit, customize, add or hide any field
• Change just about any text in the app to suite your needs
• Add a secure PIN to open the app
• Video Help available under "Resources" menu
• Delete all actions without deleting students for easy "end of term" clean-up
• Made by a teacher (who still teaches), for other teachers

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