Teacher Aide Pro 2

Price: iPhone/iPad - Paid

Inside the app

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From the Developer

Main Features

- No in-app purchases or add on modules. Have access to all features of paid app immediately.
- 225 students per class, 30 classes per term, 10 terms per year
- Designed for Android 4.0 and higher (improved screen layouts for tablet size screens)
- Attendance (Customize your attendance symbols)
- Gradebook (Categories, Weighting, Letter Grade/Points/Percent grading style)
- Group messaging (bulk emails/texts to students/parents/advisors from within the app)
- 1 touch notification to parents when student is absent or missing work
- Progress Reports (email PDF files to all parents and students with a few touches)
- Lesson planner (keep track of what you do in your classes daily)
- Random Student Caller (Device will speak name of student out aloud)

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