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★★★WINNER★★★ for Best Android Teacher App for the 2011 Best App Ever Award**

(Download the free LITE version to try for free and make sure you are satisfied with the product)  
This app allows teachers / coaches / professors to take attendance and maintain a gradebook plus so much more. The ability to easily send text messages and emails to parents or students concerning attendance and grades is implemented. Great way to keep in contact with students and parents.    
Current Features
★ supports 90 students per class, up to 20 periods per day/week
★ supports 6 Marking Periods(TERMS) and 4 semesters per year
★ custom default value for fast attendance
★ import student names via CSV file
★ export data via CSV generated file and send via email
★ 1-click email to students & parents for tardy & absent students and for missing assignments 
★ 1-click Random student generator (no more popsicle sticks) - voice to text speaks students name ALOUD 
★ Grading options - use points and categories/weighting
★Email Parent &Student Attendance and Current Grade
★BULK Email.  Send messages to all students or parents with a few simple clicks.
★Student Photo gallery so you can learn their names quickly.
SEND TEXT and MAKE CALLS allow the app to send texts/call directly from the app.  Keeping in contact with students parents is very simple.
INTERNET - allows capability for app to send bulk email to all students/parents without user approving each one.
NETWORK STATE - required by determine if there is network access.
READ CONTACTS- Allows user to load contact data into app.  For example, parent or student name, phone number and email from device contacts can be loaded into the app with a simple click. (Contacts are not transmitted over the web or stored in any other place.  Only relevant data like name, phone, email, picture are imported into the app).
★English, Spanish, French, German. Portuguese, Swedish
Soon to arrive - Italian, Russian, Portuguese.  Send requests to developer if you are interested in giving feedback about translation as much of it is done by google translate, so isn't always accurate.)
Farther away features
★Backup / Import using googleDocs
★Seating Chart Option
I am a high school teacher who was not happy with the attendance apps available so I've spent the past 6 months learning how to make an app.  I welcome any feedback or suggestions as I am continuously improving the app. The app is designed around the US school year/system but I've tried to be flexible in making it work internationally.  If you have any suggestions that would make it work better for your system let me know and I'll see if I can incorporate it into the app.
PLEASE EMAIL inpocketsolution@gmail.com for any questions or problems. If you post any comments asking for help or wanting new features, I have no way of knowing who you are so I cannot contact you for more details.
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    About This App

  • Update: 25 Sep 2012
  • Version: 1.731
  • Platform: BlackBerry
  • Publisher: In Pocket Solutions
  • Category: Teaching Tools,

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