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About Teach Monster - Number Skills

Teach Monster: Number skill was created in collaboration with early childhood math experts and is aligned with the Pre-K curriculum. Number Skills will emphasise important number abilities such as splitting numbers in practical ways utilising number bonds, addition and subtraction principles, counting, and subitizing - understanding numbers of things without counting. The more time kids spend playing with these fundamental concepts, the more their number sense develops, providing a strong foundation for success in arithmetic, school, and beyond.

Teach Monster - Number Skills Review

What do we like about Teach Monster?

While practising numbers, kids have a lot of fun learning through mini-games makes arithmetic practice fun and exciting. Aids in the development of a firm numerical and mathematical foundation in children. Ensures that any knowledge gaps are identified and closed. Curriculum alignment refers to the ability of students to apply what they have learned in the classroom.

What skills does it improve?

Number skills will enhance important number skills, such as utilising the number keys to split numbers in meaningful ways, addition, and subtraction. Designed to work with early years math specialists in conjunction with the Pre-K curriculum to teach your monster: Recognize that the number of objects is infinite. Use fundamentals, counting, and subitizing. Children's number sense improves as they engage with these key ideas, providing a firm foundation for success in arithmetic, school, and beyond.

What age is it appropriate for?

Suitable for ages 4-6 and up, and aligned with Pre-K/Reception curriculum.

Is Teach Monster free?

It is available free of cost to the users. 

Is Teach Monster easy to use?

The games are simple to pick up, and the principles hit right in the middle when it comes to numbers. It is compatible with Android and iOS devices. From the start, player testing in the classroom is a part of the process. All of this comes together to create learning adventures that kids will want to play again and again.

How will students benefit?

Counting encompasses a remarkable number of ideas, including stable order, 1-2-1 correspondence, cardinality, order irrelevance, unitizing, and so on. Subitizing, often known as the capacity to detect numbers without counting, has become increasingly important as research has revealed the necessity of exercising this often-overlooked talent. Number bonds are discussed, as well as how to use them to split numbers and recombine them in useful ways. 

Children learn the principles of addition and subtraction by building on their work with number bonds. Manipulatives: The game uses a variety of familiar manipulatives, such as fingers, five frames, ten frames, and dice patterns, to represent number issues in a variety of ways.

How will teachers benefit?

Even though they were only playing the basic subitizing levels, the students were captivated. Even if they don't realise it, they need the practice! A fantastic game for learning numbers, with development from one mini-game to the next.

How will parents benefit?

The game offers the best for kids with the help of friendly monsters, playful design, and an out-of-this-world storyline, as well as collaboration with prominent academics to develop wonderfully made games that kids enjoy playing. Teachers and parents have praised the novel device for its ability to interest even the most averse students.

What can Teach Monster improve on?

The games aren't particularly diverse, and the gameplay can be perplexing.

How much does Teach Monster cost?

Teach Monster is available free of cost. 

Final thoughts

Experts in the field of early childhood mathematics collaborated on this project. App offers exciting new ways to practise numbers that can be found in the form of fun games. Addition, subtraction, counting, number bonds, and other skills are practised in 40 stages. This game, which incorporates the most recent research on early years math, spans 40 fascinating levels with more on the way and is ideal for children aged 4 to 6+. It adapts as the kid progresses and becomes more complex. The game's pace is adjusted to each child's abilities, and it may only be continued until the youngster has grasped the topic being worked on. Children who are more self-assured may swiftly go to the level that suits them best, while also ensuring that any knowledge gaps are addressed – essential for avoiding problems when faced with more advanced topics in the future.

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