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About Tap & Learn

Tap and Learn gives kids practice in the basic skills they need to build as a foundation for learning. They’ll match, sort, and count within the thirty different minigames using content such as numbers, shapes, and colours.

The app is available on Android and iOS as a free download with nine active games. A free trial opens the app for three days; a single in-app purchase keeps it unlocked.

Tap & Learn Review

What is Tap and Learn app?

Tap and Learn has thirty activities split equally across three levels. Kids choose the activity they’d like to play, and a short (optional) voiceover explains the task. Up to three stars mark completed activities for parents and kids to track which games they’ve played and completed.

The activities feature different play styles where users tap, select and drag items to meet the goal. The app provides a pressure-free play environment within the games, while a star rating for each level encourages kids to replay them to improve.

What we love about Tap and Learn app.

Tap and Learn is a great self-contained purchase. It has plenty of content for a single-purchase app and is all presented well. The space theme has plenty of kid appeal, and the games, although appropriately simple, have enough flourishes to engage and interest kids.

Apps that work well for independent play and supported learning between parent and child are always welcome for kids of preschool age, and Tap and Learn works well in both roles.

What skills does it teach?

The thirty minigames included within Tap and Learn cover skills like sorting, matching, and counting. As part of these activities, kids will learn to recognise numbers, shapes and colours. More general skills developed when playing this app include memory and fine motor control.

What age is it appropriate for?

Tap and Learn has a minimum age rating of 4+. The app’s activities will typically suit kids up to five.

Is Tap and Learn app easy to use?

If the player does not interact with the app for a while, it will automatically provide a helpful hint of what to do. The app also has verbal instructions.

You can turn these supports off in the parental section, which also includes music and sound effects volume settings. Parents must answer a simple math question to access this section, ensuring kids don’t accidentally turn off useful features or set an undesired volume.

How will students benefit?

The activities in Tap and Learn give kids the freedom to choose and play. They do not have to play the levels or games in any order.

The app’s games don’t place kids under any pressure. It won’t accept wrong answers, but the on-screen element or action resets, and kids can try again. They’ll know they answered incorrectly but won’t feel punished. Incorrect answers will result in a lower star rating once they’ve finished the app, but this is more of an encouragement to try again than a penalty.

There are no time limits, so kids can think, experiment, and employ their imagination as they play.

Tap and Learn has a clean but distinct game-like feel which is kid-friendly, and the different flourishes, such as particle effects and animations, enhance it.

How will parents benefit?

Many parents will be pleased to see an app that does not make ongoing demands against their budget. Tap and Learn is one of an increasingly rare group of educational apps where a single purchase unlocks the full content forever.

The activities don’t have any pressure attached to them, so that they will work well for supported learning. For example, in the shape-matching tasks, you can move and overlap the shapes as you talk with kids to highlight which features to notice.

How will teachers benefit?

Tap and Learn’s activities best suit preschool kids rather than those at school. However, the minigames may be helpful for teachers to help children with delayed development.

How much does Tap and Learn app cost?

Tap and Learn is free to download and has nine fully playable activities. If you utilise the app’s three-day trial, you can access the entire selection of minigames for three days. After the trial ends, a single in-app purchase will permanently unlock the content. This payment is not part of a subscription and does not recur.

Is Tap and Learn app safe to use?

Tap and Learn does not contain any advertisements and does not ask the user for any information. The app’s publisher states that it does not collect any other data from its use.

What can Tap and Learn app improve on?

We did not find any problems with the app. We always want more content in good apps so all we can say is that we would like further activities and challenges.

Overall rating of the app.

Tap and Learn is a simple but well-produced app. Its content will entertain kids and inspire them to think about matching, sorting and the other addressed skills. It is very reasonably priced for a one-off purchase and has a full-access, three-day trial to try it with your kids without risk. We’ve awarded Tap and Learn five stars.

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Android, iPad, iPhone




Kindergarten Apps (3-5 Years)




Academic Relevance
Thinking & Reasoning


In-App Purchases - Yes

In-App Advertising - No


Pablo Arrieta

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