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Teacher Overview

This is a very pretty app. The illustrations are beautiful and it is engaging enough to keep children focused on each game and learn whilst playing. The receives an EAS Certification of 4 Stars. 

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English / Literacy

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Teacher Review

The illustrations in this app are hand- drawn and are very beautiful children will really enjoy looking at them and understanding what the aim of the game is.

There are seven games that follow the same concept. The idea is to match the images of the topic with another image. So, for example flags of countries with the images of the country on a map. Another is famous city landmarks with city names or, the planets and star in the solar-system with the name of each planet and the Sun. The rest of the games include identifying constellations (we found this one quite hard), underwater plants and animals, months, seasons, Arctic animals and fancy dress.

Not only is it necessary to match each image (an endeavour in itself as the user must understand and know the concepts beforehand) but, it is necessary to also move the images about in a maze in order to get them to their required destination. This takes the skills of Rubik’s cube working (well... almost) as a bit of concentration and planning is required in order to move the images to the correct position! Once the images are in the correct position, the name of the object /animal/planet/season is said so that you can also learn or practice as it is said. Once the image has been said, it disappears so that you know that you have completed that section.

The app does not collect data on how the user is getting on in identifying the topics so if parents/teachers wish to understand how users are getting on they will have to work together with the students.  Furthermore, if children do not know the topics and concepts required in order to complete the game, they may have a hard time in enjoying and persevering with the app.  Therefore, it would be a good idea for little ones to become familiarised with the topics first. However, for some, attempting to match the unknowns will be an adventure in itself. 

Overall, this is a very nice app and the concept of finding the associations is engaging and interesting for children of Primary School age. 

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From the Developer

Talky Maze is a collection of beautiful hand drawn sliding puzzles which can help to improve your child's ability to coordinate movements in the hands as well as reinforce his or her vocabulary.

Kids will intuitively understand how to play. All they need to do is slide the images, from animals to star signs, to the matching goal. Once they guide the images to the goal, kids will hear the matching word, which is professionally recorded with correct pronunciation. Kids will learn some new words as they have fun with the mazes.

This game has the following features:

* Beautiful hand drawn art for each maze.
* More than 100 words to learn, each with professionally recorded voices with clear pronunciation.
* Images have random starting positions every game, ensuring a different challenge every time!
* Smooth and intuitive gameplay! Pick up and play design.
* 8 different topics that vary completely from the others. From Halloween to planets; from underwater creatures to countries of the world.

Your kids will have hours of fun with Talky Maze!


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This application does NOT:
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- contain third-party advertisements
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