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Talking Preschool Flash Cards

About Talking Preschool Flash Cards

Preschool Talking Flashcards is a talking flash cards app for preschoolers.

There are 6 flash card categories packaged into this one app :

• Alphabet Flash Cards - 26 alphabet cards with letter and word pronunciation.

• Animal Flash Cards - dog, cat, cow, frog, horse, sheep, bird, goat, duck, chicken, bear, pig, squirrel including animal sounds.

• Color Flash Cards - purple, blue, green, black, yellow, orange, white, gray, pink, brown, red.

• Number Flash Cards - one apple, two pineapples, 3 bananas, 4 oranges, 5 cherries, 6 lemons, 7 mangoes, 8 pears, 9 peaches, 10 strawberries

• Shape Flash Cards - square, triangle, circle, rectangle, ellipse, hexagon, star

• Word Flash Cards - airplane, baby, bat, bed, bell, birthday, boat, box, boy, bread, car, chair, children, Christmas, corn, day, doll, egg, eye, farm, farmer, fire, flower, game, girl, grass, hand, home, house, leg, letter, money, night, paper, party, rain, ring, shoe, snow, sun, table, toy, tree, window, wood


• Professional studio-recorded voice-overs and sound effects.

• Complete coverage of the important categories in one convenient and complete app. This means there's no need to find multiple apps covering each category saving you time, money and inconvenience.

• High quality images.

• Word flash cards include relevant Dolch words which are recognized as primary words for preschool learning.

• Flash cards in each category contain a reference to the first letter of the word so that preschoolers learn the alphabet faster and more effectively.

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  • Talking Preschool Flash CardsTalking Preschool Flash CardsTalking Preschool Flash CardsTalking Preschool Flash CardsTalking Preschool Flash CardsTalking Preschool Flash CardsTalking Preschool Flash Cards