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About Talk For Me

Talk For Me is specifically for those with speech communication difficulties, Influenced by Speech Pathologists & Speech Therapists, Talk For Me is a multipurpose communication tool that allows people communicate their needs using images that they take with their iPod, iPhone or iPad.

Talk For Me is an app that makes communication easy and simple.


Talk For Me Review

What do we like about Talk For Me?

Using text-to-speech will make it easier for you to communicate. Your iPhone or iPad will speak for you if you input in the main text area or hit one of the six major custom buttons. The spoken text will immediately be audible on the other caller's phone or iPad when on a call if you need to make a phone call or a FaceTime audio or video call.

What skills does it improve?

Talk For Me helps you communicate easily. The text-to-speech feature of the app helps you meet your needs effortlessly offering you a unique experience at ease. 

What age is it appropriate for?

Talk For Me is appropriate for all ages. 

Is Talk For Me free?

Talk For Me is free to download on all iOS devices. 

Is Talk For Me easy to use?

You can create more unique sentences with the aid of Talk for Me. By swiping up extra pages with customizable editable buttons, you can accomplish that quickly. The other remarkable characteristics include the ability to store sentences in a database of the past. In advance of a phone call or conference, this is excellent for capturing fragments of sentences or temporary material. With only a fast swipe to the left, you may choose a sentence from your archive and it will be shown in the main window, ready for you to finish or utilise. To have each word or letter voiced as you type it, enable the auto-speech feature. This app will make it simple for you to communicate by combining keyboard shortcuts, predictive text, and your personal phrases.

How will students benefit?

You can use Talk for Me's visual representation service to see the spoken text on a screen. When speaking on the phone or for those who are deaf or have hearing loss, the text is highlighted as it is said, which is helpful. To use the app, there is no need for a live internet connection. The app provides users with ad-free functionality. The app's improved speech quality function makes every audio exact and clear. The app is made more user-friendly by having the Sri shortcut functions built in. Every word you type is uttered as you do so thanks to the auto-speech feature. The return key on a keyboard can be used to speak the text you have written. To make sure everything functions properly, use commas, question marks, and exclamation points.

What can Talk For Me improve on?

All the messages are saved in the same place in the app which often creates clutter. 

How much does Talk For Me cost?

Talk For Me is available at the cost of $1.99.

Final thoughts

Talk for Me is the ideal app for those users who actually has issues in communication. The sophisticated and simple user interface and customizable options make it a one-of-a-kind app helping users. 


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You can download Talk For Me on your iOS devices from the Apple App Store.

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