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The husband and wife team producing these apps have created a series of lovely tools that will really help kids to become more “naturally” mathematical. The learning outcomes are set out very clearly in each app so that parents/teachers can guide kids with the mathematical concepts as they use the apps.  They are fantastic resources and we have given them an EAS Certification of 5 Stars and EAS Recommended Status. 

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This app is perfect for developing spatial reasoning and visual memory. The app has three levels of difficulty in order to keep building on the concepts that have been practised. There is no other way to practice symmetry other than to keep practising, experimenting and exploring with the shapes.

The first level tests the creation of symmetry within an equilateral triangle. You are asked to fill in the triangles within the triangle with a specific number of colours and specific number of triangles.  The learner does the creation as well as the identification of the line of symmetry. In an equilateral triangle there are three possible lines of symmetry so, the possibility for exploration and creativity is already high.

Then we went to the second level which is a square. Once again, you are asked to use a specific number of colours and to fill in a specific number of squares. You are then asked to identify your line of symmetry. In the square there are four options.

Level 3 takes place within a hexagon that is made up of triangles. This time, there are six options for lines of symmetry.

The ability to experiment and to think about the lines of symmetry makes this app unique. Usually we come across apps in which the learner must simply identify where the line of symmetry is however, in this case, the learner really takes control.

We really enjoyed working with this app.  It is challenging, engaging and easy to use. It can be used in a classroom setting as well as individual study. 

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The understanding of symmetry is known to cause great difficulty to students. Symmetricon allows students to make symmetrical designs in simple contexts and this experience will form a strong foundation for fully understanding this key mathematical topic.

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