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About Sworkit Kids

Sworkit Kids is an exercise and fitness app aimed at students in elementary and middle school, though it can be used for students of all ages and even adults.

Sworkit Kids Review

Sworkit Kids is a kid version of an adult workout tool that provides video and verbal instructions in how to complete age-appropriate exercises.

The app guides students through exercise routines focusing on strength, agility, flexibility, and balance, such as doing the crab crawl, squats, or side plank. It combines interval training with randomized exercises so it's never the same workout twice. 

Workouts can be from five to 60 minutes or a custom workout length. Sworkit Kids comes with a built-in custom workout already available (Kids Beginner Full Body Workout, with 24 exercises), but you can still choose how long the workout should last. Sworkit Kids is an ideal app to teach students how to do some basic movement exercises that they can use throughout their lives: strength, agility, flexibility, and balance. 

Kids can learn how to move their bodies, though an adult should monitor to make sure the exercises are done correctly. Older kids can set up a customizable list of activities to help them get out excess energy, increase their flexibility, or simply exercise, while younger kids can use the pre-built workouts to do the same. For kids who benefit from movement breaks or who need a structured way to stretch and calm their bodies, this tool provides an avenue. Over 60 types of movements are provided in each of the exercise categories, which makes Sworkit Kids accessible to all levels and abilities, but it's definitely best-used with grown-up supervision and separate long-term tracking.

Is it any good?

This guided-movement tool gives structure to exercising beyond a written workout plan. The videos are simple and engaging, the voiced directions are direct and clear, and the built-in transition reminders are well-designed. Because of the customization options, adults and kids can craft an individualized set of exercises that take any limitations into account. For kids who need movement breaks or a structured stretching routine to create calm bodies or refocus their energy, it may be incredibly affecting. The app doesn't, however, provide feedback for whether the activities are done correctly: For kids who are in the most need of gross motor practice, completing each exercise correctly is crucial to creating muscle memory, so an adult should supervise these exercises, especially as kids are learning the activities. Since only the current workout generates data, users should record long-term growth or narrative reflections about the impact of each exercise or workout using a different tool.

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