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Switch Zoo

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  • age 5+

About Switch Zoo

Switcheroo Zoo is a fun, interactive site where students will enjoy watching animals morph into other animals right before their eyes. Switch Zoo is a fun way to start learning about different animals and their habitats. Switch Zoo is available as website and iOS app for mobile devices.

Switch Zoo Review

Switch Zoo is a free interactive website that allows students to create their own animals, habitats and biomes. It provides games for students to get involved with their created animal and zoo. There are several different activities that students can interact with. It also provides lesson plans for teachers as well as online field trips connected to animals.

Visitors can access the several main areas of the site via the front page. Each internal page offers both graphic and text links for navigation within the current section. A handy help section provides tips for using the site:

The premise of the Switch Zoo is very simple - you take body parts from different animals to create a new type of creature. That creature can be put into a variety of habitats and the learner can create a story to go with their creature, which can then be saved within the app alongside the creature for revisiting on another occasion. The graphics and sound effects within the app are very high quality, with a large variety of animal parts to choose from. Each animal part comes along with some detailed information about the animal in question, which the learner can read and learn from. The app gives the user many different choices in building a new animal, including a random parts option and the option to shake the tablet to create a new creature. Alternatively, each part can be chosen individually from the menu and the new creature can be built up this way.

Due to the large number of options available, it takes a little while to become familiar with the interface, but there is lots of information available once you know where to look. For a child interested in finding out about animals, there is a lot to explore and lots to learn here. There are also plenty of opportunities to use this app in creative activities and to stimulate imagination and storytelling. There is also lots of scientific data, such as Latin names, classifications and life spans available to be used in a more advanced science lesson if appropriate.

How to use Switch Zoo?

Students will create a creature on Switch Zoo. Once they create their creature, they will write a 300 word creative story about their animal. They will add a picture of the animal to their part of the site so that we all can appreciate their animal and their story. They will add an audio story to compliment their webpage. They must also set up a hyperlink to Switch Zoo so that they know how to set up hyperlinks on a site. They will also look at 5 or more of their peers' pages and add constructive feedback so that students can make the necessary changes to their site so that they can do well on this project. This is meant to be a group effort so that students can appreciate the basics of web design and create a great site together as a class. 

How will students benefit?

Students will:

  • Be able to create a biome.
  • Understand the necessary plants and animals that survive in the selected biome.
  • Be able to share their learnings with others.

Switch Zoo is available in a range of formats, including apps for iOS and Kindle Fire, a trial web app and downloadable versions for both Mac and PC. Alongside these apps is a very useful supporting website, focused on using the Switch Zoo for teaching and learning. With a bit of planning, this app could be used in a variety of ways, as well as being fun for children to explore.

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Download Switch Zoo

Screenshots for Switch Zoo

  • Switch ZooSwitch ZooSwitch ZooSwitch ZooSwitch Zoo


Make new animals in Switch Zoo by switching the heads, legs and tails of 142 diverse animals.

Features include:
• Randomizer - Make unexpected animals from a random selection of parts.
• Shake New Animals – Just shake your iPad to trigger the Randomizer.
• My Switcheroos - Name your favorite new creatures, write stories about them, and save them in your own collection.
• Animal Profiles and Fast Facts - Learn interesting facts about all the animals in Switch Zoo.
• Photo Workshop – Snap a photo of your animal and it will display in the photo workshop where you can write a title and story, or display facts with the photo.
•Animations and surprises – Switch Zoo features animated transitions, sudden changes, and surprises, like baby animals.

It’s simple to make your own “switcheroos” by clicking the animal buttons on the fence, so Switch Zoo is perfect for young players who haven’t learned to read yet. Older children and adults can read the animal profiles and fast facts to learn about the animals that make up their fantastic new creatures. Switch Zoo is used for science, art, and language arts projects in thousands of schools worldwide.

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