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About SwipeRight!

In arithmetic, practice makes perfect, or, at least, gets you closer to perfection.  SwipeRight! offers an alternative way of exercising addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills that is accessible to all ages.

SwipeRight! Review

There is an elegantly simple game mechanic within this app.  A grid of nine squares is populated, in whole or in part, with numbers.  An arithmetical operation is indicated and three of these numbers should be swiped so that if the operation is placed between the first two numbers, the result will be the third number.  A further strategic element is added to the game as players can earn periodic hints, such as hiding numbers in the grid that are not part of the answer.

The game starts at a very easy level and increases the difficulty by switching between the operations and filling the grid with more numbers.  This can make it seem a little slow to get started for better-skilled arithmeticians but it does ensure that those who are less secure won't be discouraged or have their confidence dented.

Graphically, the app has a no-frills aesthetic which makes it suitable for a wide age group.   Older children who still need arithmetic practice can use the app without feeling that they are using a younger child's app. On the other hand, a few extra graphical flourishes would have been welcome to make the experience more visually stimulating.  Sound offers relevant feedback to the user but, again, in a basic form.   Usefully, for classrooms, there is an easily accessible mute button.

Also very useful for classrooms, the tutorial mode is very easily accessible.  In many apps, only the first user gets to see the instructions which is problematic when the app is shared by a class of children.  On SwipeRight!, alongside the button to start the game, is an opportunity to let it know that this is the user's first time playing.  The app then clearly explains what the purpose is and how to play it.  

There is a leaderboard feature in the app but, unfortunately for teachers, this uses Game Center.  This is no problem for those who download the app for individual use.  In the classroom, a simpler high-score table where users just enter their name on the device makes more sense for class competitions and individual usage tracking.  

There is no risk to downloading this app to assess its suitability for yourself.  The app is free to download but this should be seen as a trial as an in-app purchase will be needed to remove the advertisements.  

SwipeRight!, therefore, joins the many apps that offer arithmetic practice.  It stands out among the others because it does this in a way that avoids the overused multiple choice structure.  The skill that the app develops responds well to practice and variety leads to a greater enthusiasm in children.  So, while you may have many arithmetic apps already, SwipeRight! and its new take on practicing simple maths is definitely worthy of adding to them.

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