SurfBalance™ Safe Browser for Kids with Advanced Parental Controls

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SurfBalance™ combines a fun, full-screen mobile
web browser with unique parental control features
that go beyond website filtering to help kids
develop better web usage skills. With SurfBalance,
you can guide, limit and verify your child’s travels
on the web while using an iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad.

SurfBalance helps parents guide young web users
by providing a catalog of over 1000 kid-friendly
website links, which parents can add to or modify.
SurfBalance tracks and displays total usage and
usage by category, so kids gain a sense of how
they are spending their time vs adjustable daily
and weekly SurfBalance time limits.

Parents can choose from 3 different site filter levels
to match the maturity of the users. When users try
to visit a site which is blocked, they can request
permission to review the blocked site. Parents can
review these site visit requests and decide whether
to allow the site or continue blocking. Parents can
opt to receive FREE daily or weekly email reports
of their child's browsing activity by category and
most used sites.

NOTE - SurfBalance default settings apply the "high"
level of filtering to web access. However, per Apple
policy "Applications must be rated accordingly for
the highest level of content that the user is able to
access", we therefore have a 12+ app age rating. We
encourage parents to use the SurfBalance advanced
parental controls to adjust the filter and catalog to
their desired age range upon installation.


• Full-screen safe kids browser provides a more
immersive, fun experience for users

• Real-time usage tracking and display of time
spent by category and time spent vs daily and
weekly limits helps young users build self-

• Select 3 different catalog views of up to 1000
kid-friendly website links organized by category
to help users avoid random browsing

• Set limits on total SurfBalance use time per day
and total use time per week

• Select from 3 different web filter levels to match
the user's maturity. Safe search feature blocks
unwanted web search results

• Ensure filtering or blocking of specific sites via
Allow and Block lists

• Block website forms (i.e most logins, info
submission) and phone number autodial links

• Daily or weekly usage reports delivered by email
showing your child's time spent by category
and top sites by time (NO SUBSCRIPTION FEE

• Parental mode provides easy setup of filters,
review of browsed sites, and permission
requests to visit blocked sites

• Compatible with iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad
running iOS versions 3.2 through 6.x

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