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Super Number Triangles

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An innovative twist on a traditional method to help children practice their times tables by allowing the simultaneous learning of multiplication and division facts.

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With a user friendly interface allowing access to all functions within two touches, this app provides an innovative twist to help children master their times tables.  By matching number facts, children intuitively learn their multiplication tables and simultaneously practice their inverse divisional relationship.  Instead of simply having to memorise times tables, children are shown several numbers which they must place in the correct position to form a correct relationship.  These multiplication and division relationships are presented in a triangle with numbers at each point and arrows connecting the numbers with either a multiplication, division or equals symbol. For example, children will see 6 and 10 at two corners with the arrows connecting them showing “x” meaning children must solve the question 6x10 or 10x6.  At a higher level, children can see that the correct inverse relationships (60÷10=6) but also understand which relationships do not work (10÷60=6).  Children are able to logically start with easier questions and progress to more difficult questions.  The removal of answers also supports children who struggle, allowing them to answer easier questions first, leaving fewer answers to choose from with the more difficult questions.  The concept of multiple choice is also useful as children naturally begin to recognise which numbers cannot be the correct answer, allowing them to build patterns and developing their understanding. 

The app has a total of six levels.  Five levels cover the 1 to 12 times tables, while the sixth level is presented in the form of a pseudo-Sudoku style puzzle.  After completing several questions users are told they have levelled up.  However, throughout each game, children only have 3 lives, which means they are permitted to make three mistakes during the course of a game.  Scores are recorded with the best score displayed throughout the game giving users a target to aim for.  Each level is progressively more difficult, with the pseudo-Sudoku style puzzle really getting the children thinking as more numbers are removed!  From a mathematical standpoint it seems odd that the 2 times table is dropped after the first level, yet the 5 and 10 times table remain in most of the following levels.  This aside, the app is fantastic for practicing times tables once children have learned them.  Overall, a user friendly app with a refreshing and different twist on the traditionally laborious task of memorising ones times tables.  

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Super number triangles is a visual maths game for children to help them learn their times tables in both directions from 2-12 (multiplication and division). For those that already know their times tables, the highest game level is a 'Sudoku' logic style game using all times tables knowledge.

The early stages of learning basic maths skills can make a big difference on whether your child finds maths a chore or a joy. Sometimes presenting something differently can just make everything click into place. Times tables are one of the elements of maths that many children learn through memory rather than understanding the relationship between the numbers. They can tell you that 6 times 7 equals 42, but 42 divided by 7 may prove difficult for them.

Super number triangles works in a visual way, showing that 6 times 7 equals 42, 7 times 6 equals 42, 42 divided by 6 equals 7 and 42 divided by 7 equals 6.

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