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About SumW0rdZ

SumW0rdZ is an interactive educational app for children age 9 and above and improves your general knowledge, word and maths skills all in a single game format. This fun, interactive game has three supporting levels; easy, medium and hard and combines wordplay, mathematical skills such as addition, subtraction, division, multiplication and powers. The basic application is free but additional Word Themes and Dice Combinations can be obtained via in-app purchases. There are also in-app adverts which promote these in-app purchases. 

Teacher Review

Upon opening the application, the user is shown a Home screen that works in portrait mode only. The graphics are simple but effective and the layout intuitive. The ‘Home’ screen displays the three levels in the top left: Easy, Medium and Hard. The bottom right displays ‘Stats’, ‘Options’ and ‘Info’. There is also a ‘Choose Dice’ option in the bottom left. The developers may want to consider the application to be displayed in a landscape mode to support tablet devices in classrooms.

‘Info’ – At first without instruction, the application may seem complicated to play. However, the ‘How to Play’ instructions make the gameplay easy to follow. There are short videos too on the Apple App Store, Youtube and GKR Games website ( that explain clearly how the game plays in individual videos covering every aspect of the App.

‘Stats’ – This section of the app keeps track of the games that have been completed, medals awarded and current leader boards. This is ideal for keeping track of personal and student progression and well as being ideal for creating competition within the classroom environment. The developers may want to consider multiple user interfaces where an individual score of students can be retained and the device could be passed around the classroom.

‘Options’ – This enables the user to turn the sound on or off.

‘Choose Dice’ – Here the user can choose the number of sided dies from 6, 8, 10,12  and 20-sided dice. There are 4 dice displayed on the gameplay screen and the user selects here which combination of the different sided dice they believe will help get them the highest scores during play.

Once the user has chosen either the Easy, Medium or Hard levels they enter the gameplay. The Easy level tile values range from 1 to 20, the medium range from 1 to 30 and the hard level ranges from 1 to 50.

The developers can be congratulated on the vast array of categories they have provided. These include Capital Cities, Popular Words, States of America, Animals, Car Manufacturers, Countries, Elements, Football Teams, Famous Actors and Celebrities and many more. There are over 30 categories for the user to choose from. Some themes even have a knowledge board after each word giving you more information about the word and enabling the user to learn as they play.

Once the word appears the user can choose any of the dice as often as required to calculate the value shown on the tile. Mathematical symbols can be chosen to create an answer using the plus, minus, multiply or divide symbols. Multiple calculations can also be combined by using the bracket or squared symbols. 

Example: If the chosen word letter displays a value of 6 and the four random dice show the values 1,3,2,5 then choosing the dice with a 2 the multiplication symbol and the dice with the number 3 as on a normal calculator will give the desired result. If the calculations are correct, the tile turns green. If the calculation is incorrect, the screen will flash red and the user can try again. Once the word is completed, the score and reward is displayed; a medal if the score is better than or equal to the target or a lollipop if the score is less than the target. The targets are “weighted” such that users get a bigger score if they use the higher arithmetic symbols like brackets, divide and /or multiply than for simple addition and subtraction. This encourages the users to practice and become more confident and skilled in their number computations There are four words in a game.

We like the feature of the ‘credit’ bomb where the user can call upon a help option to complete the tiles when struggling.

After each word is completed, a score is calculated based on the time saved (Time Bonus), the mathematical symbols used (BODMAS) and a Multiplier recording how many letters were computed at the first attempt. To achieve the highest score, the user should use speed and accuracy and try to use as many of the mathematical symbols as possible. During the game, if you hit the target score for each word you will achieve four medals which wins the user a Medal Shield. If you miss the target for each word you will get four lollipops instead which awards you a Lollipop Shield.

Medals, shields, trophies and scores are displayed in the STATS option. We did find that the scoring system was slightly over-complicated for this application although we did enjoy the rewards that kept us highly motivated.

We certainly enjoyed playing ‘SumW0rdZ’ and it was refreshing to see an application where the content was plentiful and the user could learn an array of skills from Maths to English to General Knowledge. The ability to have multiple users would be beneficial in a classroom situation where competition could be pursued. Sometimes the layout and content of these types of application can be cluttered and complicated. The user interface is intuitive and younger users can use the application unsupported. The application has real educational value teaching users to problem solve using mathematical symbols and equations along with supporting literacy and spelling.

‘SumW0rdZ’ is a good application and comes recommended by The Educational App Store.

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If you could 'wave a magic wand' and improve your maths, spelling and knowledge all in one go and impress your friends, family and teachers - you will definitely want to play SumW0rdZ! This game is for all ages and abilities wishing to improve their knowledge, word and maths skills regardless of how much schooling you have had. After playing SumW0rdZ you will be better at all these skills and gradually get to the top of the class on our Leaderboard.

How to Play
1. Choose which Dice Combination gives you the maximum advantage to score highly and get the most medals e.g. four 6's or two 8's and two 10's etc.

2. Choose  which Level to play from Easy (letter tile values are in the range 1 to 20), Medium (range 1 to 30) or Hard (range 1 to 50) corresponding to Bronze, Silver and Gold medals.

3. Choose  which Theme to play e.g. Famous Football Players then the game begins.

4. Select any letter tile e.g. letter C with value 4, you believe you can calculate with the Dice Combination displayed e.g. 2, 5, 1 or 3.

5. Touch the individual dice 2, 5, 1 or 3 and arithmetic operators +, −, × or ÷ as often as required to create the value 4 in the calculation field. e.g. “2×2” or “3+5÷5” or “3+3−2” or “25−21” then press the '=' button.

6. If your calculation is correct the letter tile turns green and the dice combination changes. Select another letter tile value to calculate with these new dice until all the tiles turn green.

7. If your calculation is incorrect the screen will flash red and you can then try again but notice the dice combination has changed. If you run out of time, you may try again but now both the letter tile values and dice combination will have changed.

8. Once a word is completed, a score and reward is displayed i.e. Medal (if your score is better than or equal to the target) or Lollipop (if your score is less than the target) before the next word is shown. There are 4 words in a game.

9. If you find you are struggling during the game, you can use the orange credit 'bomb' button to help you get the letter tiles you need.

After each word is completed, a score is calculated based on the time saved (TIME BONUS), the arithmetical operators used (BODMAS) and getting each letter correct each time (MULTIPLIER). Speed, accuracy and combining lots of arithmetic operators gets the best word scores. These individual scores are then added together to give a Grand Total at the end of a game.

During a game, if you hit the target score for each word you get 4 medals which wins you a Medal Shield. If you miss the target for each word you get 4 lollipops instead which gives you a Lollipop Shield.

When you complete a Theme and get a medal for each word in the list you win a Medal Trophy. If during play you get lollipops for some of your words and medals for others and you have finished the Theme you get a Lollipop Trophy. If you keep playing the same Theme you can convert every lollipop word to a medal word. The Lollipop Trophy count is then reduced by one and the Medal Trophy count goes up by one.

Medals, Shields, Trophies and Scores are displayed in STATS on your device and on the Leaderboard where you can see how you are RANKED against other players or just to see how you are improving.

Finally, some Themes have a KNOWLEDGE board displayed after each word telling you something important about that word. So, you Look and Learn and Play and Calculate all in 1 game - have FUN!

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