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About Sudoku - Classic Sudoku

Classic Sudoku puts the famous puzzles into app form so that its users have a never-ending source of puzzles to stimulate their thinking. Sudoku puzzles are suitable for people of any age, and Classic Sudoku has an array of challenges to suit different experience levels.

You can download the app for free on Android devices with advertisements and many of its options disabled - the puzzles themselves are fully functional. A single in app purchase removes the ads and unlocks convenient and useful settings.

Sudoku - Classic Sudoku Review

What is Classic Sudoku app?

Classic Sudoku app doesn't need much description: it is the classic puzzle of Sudoku in convenient app form. It differs from many Sudoku apps in using a subtle colour scheme that is easier on the eyes than many competitors. Its pale hues are perfectly readable but not high contrast.

Players can choose from four difficulty levels, enter answers and notes using a built in number pad, and view their past performance on the app's statistics page. There are also daily challenges to encourage players to keep working on their sudoku skills.

This review of Classic Sudoku focuses on the free to download but ad-supported version. A single in-app purchase removes the ads.

What we love about Classic Sudoku.

Sudoku apps need to fulfil a few requirements: they must clearly display the grid, let users enter answers easily, and facilitate easy note-making. These make them the equal of paper-based problems. When such apps add a choice of multiple puzzles, various difficulty levels, and performance recording, they excel. Classic Sudoku provides players with all of these.

The app presents its puzzles in a calming minimalist style that is clear to read, and its controls are intuitive and responsive. Even on a phone screen, players should find no difficulty entering their answers in the cells.

Once the user has solved a few puzzles, they will find it interesting to review their performance over time in the app's statistics section. They can see the number of puzzles and the time taken across the difficulty range. Classic Sudoku doesn't teach sudoku, but if a beginner knows the rules, it would be an excellent way to develop their skills all the way up to the app's extreme challenge.

For an app that contains ads, Classic Sudoku is very restrained in its use of them. They only appear following specific non-essential user actions and when a player solves a puzzle.

The actions are for hints and a quick notes function that verges on the too powerful, so played in the true spirit of a puzzle, the user should only see ads at the end.

What skills does it improve?

If you've never taken a close interest in sudoku, you might think they are mathematics challenges. However, their use of numbers is convenient for having the nine unique symbols required for a classic sudoku grid.

Sudoku requires concentration, stretches players' working memory, and rewards persistence, all of which are useful for kids to exercise and develop. Sudoku is popular with kids who excel in academic subjects and enjoy applying their intellect to new challenges.

What age is it appropriate for?

Young kids have learned to solve sudoku puzzles as the rules are straightforward, and the process doesn't require numeracy skills. Classic Sudoku app does not lean towards any age in its presentation. It has a neutral look that adults and kids can use.

Is Classic Sudoku easy to use?

Classic Sudoku's strength is in clarity of design. It is easy to read, and navigation is effortless.

How will students benefit?

Classic Sudoku makes a good addition to kids' devices to expose them to puzzle solving as a stimulating and enjoyable activity. Learning to solve puzzles and then completing them is a significant boost to anyone's confidence and will show kids the value of persistence. As sudoku are number-based but don't require numeracy skills, they can help reduce kids' fear of mathematics.

How will teachers benefit?

Advertisements in the free version hamper this apps' use in schools, but the premium version is suitable. Teachers can use the app to help kids develop problem solving skills and show them that a problem they cannot solve in an instant is not beyond them.

How will parents benefit?

Parents could enjoy this Classic Sudoku as much as their kids, but it is an excellent app to have available to help children pass the time. The app does not need sound effects or overexcite kids, making it ideal for many different circumstances.

What can Classic Sudoku improve on?

The quick notes option is a little too powerful for kids as it lets players solve the puzzle easily. After being selected, quick notes show all valid possibilities for a cell.

Where only a single possibility exists, players can enter it in confidence. Adults are free to cheat in this way if they choose, but teachers and parents will want to ensure that their kids have to solve the puzzle correctly. An option (even if only unlocked in the premium version) that lets this facility be disabled would be a welcome one or instead record the use of the function in the stats.

With its elegant and age-neutral presentation, the premium version of this app could make a good addition to a classroom device. If the app's rankings page allowed users to enter their names, it could enable competition to motivate kids to improve their puzzle-solving skills.

How much does Classic Sudoku cost?

Classic Sudoku is free to download. However, as you'd expect, there are limitations. It displays advertisements, and the options shown in its setting screen are locked.

These options include quality of life settings and gameplay options. Dark mode and a sound effects toggle comprise the former, while incorrect entry warnings and similar make up the latter.

What is included with the free version vs. paid?

A single in-app purchase removes the advertisements and fully unlocks the settings. This in-app purchase is low-cost and the only one. Its effect is permanent, so we recommend it as the best way to play the app.

Is Classic Sudoku safe to use?

All of the app's content is appropriate for kids, and it did not ask for any permissions that would be unwarranted by an app of this type. The advertisements are from a third-party network which places them beyond the control of the developer.

Such networks endeavour to ensure that advertisements do not promote offensive or misleading content, but it does sometimes slip through, although none appeared during this review.

The advertisements shown during this app review included popular social media apps which have a 13+ age policy.

We'd recommend paying to remove the advertisements for a better user experience and especially when younger children will use the app.

Overall rating of the app.

Potential buyers of sudoku apps will know that it is a crowded genre, but Classic Sudoku is a very well-presented sudoku app with a look that lifts it above many of its competitors. It offers all of the features you might want and has no significant flaws. Adults will be happy with the free version reviewed here, but the ads make it difficult to recommend for kids. If you are looking for a sudoku app that your kids might also play, we recommend that you try this out as the free ad-supported version but remove the ads with the reasonably-priced in-app purchase for your kids to use.

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