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Subtext supports teachers in their Common Core instruction and helps students move closer to college and career readiness by encouraging them to analyze what they read, articulate what they think, and make connections between texts and the outside world.
Teachers can embed instruction right in the pages of nearly any digital text. Because notes are linked to a specific passage, there’s a natural emphasis on close reading, citing text evidence, and supporting claims.
• Any ePub or PDF
• Premium & free ebooks
• Web articles and nonfiction from our collections or using the ‘Save to Subtext’ bookmarklet
Subtext is a digital reading program built for K12 classrooms. Read and collaborate with your classroom for free with these features: 
• Create Private Groups: to make it easy to share content with students, keep discussions closed and differentiate instruction. Archive groups to stay organized, without losing notes.
• Embed Discussions: to help students engage with their reading.
• Find Content: using our in-app book search or clip articles from the web with ‘Save to Subtext’. 
• Login Quickly: through top social networks and Renaissance Learning (™) accounts.
• Read on Carts: to easily share devices while keeping student work separated.
• Stay on Task: double finger tap on a page to get students to the same page instantly.
• Read Offline: view and add discussions without internet access, they’ll sync when you connect. 
• Restrict Students: if desired, limit student access to the web, content, messages and groups.
• Research: double-tap to look up any word in the dictionary or the Web.
Premium Subtext features give teachers insights into students’ reading progress and help further enhance instruction. Premium features are available through in-app purchase for $2.99 per user. Upgraded users are purchased in packs of 10 seats and expire at the end of the school year: 6/30/15.
• Track Progress: Simply tap to access student reading speed, vocabulary look-ups, notes, and highlights. Provides opportunities for real-time differentiation
• Text to Speech: Listen to a single word, a passage or a whole page at your desired playback speed. Supports ELL, struggling and younger readers.
• Common Core Assignments for any Book or Article: Over 50 templates sortable by text type, grade, and standard. Choose a template (i.e. ‘Making Inferences’), then use our suggested tagging and writing activities or add your own. 
• Common Core Assignment Dashboard: Monitor students’ progress by CCSS standard in all the assignments in your group. Fill gaps in your instruction with Suggested assignments and articles from our curriculum team and other educators. 
• Teachers+ Community: Access our educator community to save on prep time, share assignments and notes, or plan curriculum across a district.


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