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About StudyPug Math

StudyPug is a global study aide for students all over the world who need help with math and science. Students can learn the topic by watching an experienced teacher walk you through concise, step-by-step video examples. Students can find their help topic here, whether it's a homework question, or studying for a major exam.

Studypug lessons are short and to the point and broken concepts down into easy to follow steps. You see real examples - the kind you see on your exams, or from the back of your textbook - you know, the ones your teacher never seems to get to. 

StudyPug Math Review

StudyPug is a worldwide math and science resource for students of all ages. It features over 1,000 topics covering everything science and math-related from basic math to college algebra and statistics.

StudyPug features over 5,000 lessons to walk you through basic to complex math and science problems. It also includes test prep and lots of quizzes and tests you can take for more practice. Plus, check out the best math websites for kids.

StudyPug is mainly focused on teaching mathematics. It also has lessons for subjects like chemistry, physics etc. but mainly focuses on math. Study Pug attempts to provide students with a more modern learning experience.

StudyPug acknowledges that there are many things that can distract students from learning. Some people can also be quite busy with friends or work. It provides on-demand lessons to help these easily distracted people. StudyPug has made its lessons self-paced and available at any time. This lets people with busy schedules study more whenever they want.

There are also many lessons on StudyPug that can help school students. StudyPug can help young learners with anything they want. StudyPug has lessons on its site that can help learners prepare for many situations. Study Pug can help students get ready for tests and more. We also recommend you to research these online tutoring websites and choose the most relevant variant for you.

How Much Does it Cost?

You can start with a 7-day free trial and cancel at any time. after that, you can pay $19.99 a month or get a lower rate of $14.83 if you pay upfront for 6 months or only $9.92 if you pay a year in advance.



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Get math help that covers algebra, calculus, statistics & more. Improve your grades with short & simple math lessons that are delivered by professional math tutors.
Whatever you’re studying in math, our videos make it easier. Our math tutors cover basic math, high school algebra & college level calculus. They're super friendly & each lesson provides easy to follow examples for every aspect of your curriculum.
Algebra 1 – Numbers, Ratios, Percents, Measurement, Geometry, Graphs, Equations, Inequalities...
Algebra 2 – Linear Equations, Functions, Complex Numbers, Factoring, Polynomials...
Basic Algebra – Foundations, Rates, Proportions, Fractions, Algebraic Expressions, Exponents...
College Algebra – Surface Area and Volume, Inequalities in Two Variables, Rational Numbers...
Intermediate Algebra – Adding and Subtracting Integers, Multiplying and Dividing Integers...
Linear Algebra – Linear Equations and Matrices, Matrix Operations, Eigenvalue and Eigenvectors...
Pre-algebra – Surface Area of 3D Spaces, Volume of 3D Shapes, Mathematical Reasoning...
Intermediate Algebra, CLEP College Algebra, and more!
Business Calculus – Business Derivative Application, Business Integral Applications...
Precalculus – Functions, Polynomials, Exponential and Logarithmic Functions, Systems of Equations...
Calculus 1 – Applications of Differentiation, Limits, Power Rule, Product Rule...
Calculus 2 – Parametric Equations and Polar Coordinates, Integrals, Differential Equations...
Calculus 3 – Three Dimensions, Multiple Integrals, Vector Functions, Partial Derivatives...
AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, Differential Equations, Differential Calculus, Integral Calculus, and more!
6th Grade Math – Understanding Numbers, Number Theory, Tessellations, Statistics...
7th Grade Math – Numbers and Relations, Volume, Geometry and Measurement, Data Management...
8th Grade Math – Number Sequences, Operations with Integers, Single-Variable Equations...
AP Statistics – Basic Concepts, Normal Distributions and Z-Scores, Data Representation...
University Statistics – Confidence Intervals, Probability, Hypothesis Testing, Set Theory...
Chemistry – The Atom, Stoichiometry, The Periodic Table and Elements, Solution Chemistry...
Geometry – Sine Rule and Cosine Rule, Circles, Plane and Coordinates, Triangles, Lines...
Physics – Scalars, Vectors, and Motion, Equilibrium, Circular Motion, Kinematics...
CLEP – College Math, College Algebra, Calculus
ACT Compass Math – Scale Factors and Similarity, Classifying Triangles, Place Value...
AccuPlacer, CBEST, ATI TEAS 6, Trigonometry, Organic Chemistry, and more!
• High quality videos delivered by expert tutors
• Bookmarking feature to save your favourites
• Slick UI & easy to navigate menus to get you learning faster
• Adorable drawings of Puggy (he’s our mascot & a very good boy)
** StudyPug is a subscription based service **
Your first 3 days are free. If you enjoy your trial, do nothing and your membership will automatically continue. Cancel anytime, there are no long-term contracts or cancellation fees.
Plans start at $2.99/week, $9.99/month or $39.99/6 months.
New customers must subscribe via Google Play. For our existing customers, you will continue to manage your subscription via the StudyPug website.
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