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About Studyo

Studyo is the ultimate teacher and student app planner suitable for schools, colleges and home life. Studyo acts as a central hub for student tasks, assignments and exams based on your school’s specific calendar, schedule and courses. Many schools have adopted Studyo to prepare students for the demands of school life, replacing paper planners and other solutions, complementing school’s administrative and Learning Management systems. This application comes with no in-app purchases or adverts.

Studyo Review

The versatility of this application is vast and there are so many functions to choose from that any review cannot possibly cover all aspects of this application. This review will concentrate on the main features of Studyo from both the view of the teacher as well as the student.
The application is currently available on the iOS platform and Google chrome. The teachers account is free to set up and schools can adopt a paid whole school service which allows the application to be used on a larger scale. Once the app has been set up, which initially can be time consuming, you are ready to use the multiple features of Studyo.
The developers have clearly concentrated on the functions of the app rather than overpowering the app with unnecessary graphics. The mobile and web-based interface is both clean and uncluttered making navigation simple and efficient. Studyo supports all kinds of school timetables from one and two week scenarios to long semesters. All views in the application from daily to weekly to monthly display tasks in a visual and simple way.
The app itself has a unique display that works best on an iPad or the web-based platform.
Upon opening the application, the user screen has a number of visual icons along the bottom. These include day, week, month, yearly calendars as well as links to the Task View, Teacher View and School View. The graphics are clear and colour coded for different courses or classes. The ability to add icons or a register to each class may be an option for the developers to consider. Notes, emails and assignments can be set directly from these views by simply clicking on the class shown. The teacher can then create a New Task such as homework, exam, oral, activity and many more. The New Task’s priority, deadline, reminders and attachments can be added. This can be linked to Google drive, Dropbox, other attachments and photographs.  
One of the features we love is the unique Tasks View where students can see all tasks as a timeline. This is ideal for multiple assignments where students can manage their time, deadlines and subject importance.
The application really comes into its own where schools can import calendar and schedule data directly into the app. Teachers can directly publish homework, assignments and deadlines into whole school planners. Being able to see what other assignments teachers have set in a whole school overview is an excellent feature enabling schools to avoid student assignment overload and deadline clashes.
Parents can also receive a weekly email report of their child’s school progress and forth coming assignments. This is a wonderful tool that parents will find invaluable.
In a constantly changing digital world where students are more responsive to digital media Studyo provides that digital planner that all students and schools have been looking for. The developers can be congratulated on the functionality of this application and its potential to enable student’s to take control of their school life.
We have reviewed many similar student planner applications and this is by far one of the most extensive applications out there. The initial set up is somewhat cumbersome and as a single planner its functionality is like most others, but once the app is embedded in the school system it will truly change the way in which teachers and students manage their academic day.

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