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About StudyGe - World map geography

Become a master at identifying countries on a map, matching capitals to countries, and identifying flags with StudyGE.  With crystal-clear maps, excellent reporting features, and some reference content, Study GE is a superb tool to have in a Geography teacher's app collection. Future expansions are expected too.

StudyGe - World map geography Review

What is StudyGe?

It might only be a feat of memory but being able to confidently name a country's capital or identify the country on a map suggests a well-rounded education and an open-looking attitude to the world - both positive attributes in school and the workplace. StudyGe provides an easy-to-use platform in which this knowledge can be built and revised.  

Key Features

Customized Learning Experience

Players of StudyGe can choose whether to identify a country by its name, flag or capital.  They can also define the regions upon which they would prefer to concentrate.  This lets players build their knowledge in achievable sections, adding new regions when they feel confident in a previous one.

High Quality Maps

All of the maps have a crisp and clean look.  They use high-resolution or vector-based maps so that they can be zoomed into without becoming blocky.  Answers are given by selecting the country itself on the map.  With the smaller countries, the ability to pinch and zoom the sharply defined map is a real benefit.  It is never difficult to identify and select a tiny country as long as the map is zoomed in enough.

Detailed Player Statistics

Player statistics are recorded in a remarkably detailed and granulated way. Looking at a player's statistics makes it quite clear which regions a player knows best. The same goes for the different topics of flags, capitals, country names, and, if you have bought the options, the states of individual countries.  It is very interesting to browse through and see where you make the most misidentifications and in which topic. Knowing this lets students concentrate on addressing their weaknesses.

Sadly, for those who buy this app for use in a school, there is no way to track multiple users. Everybody who uses the app will have their successes and failures feed into the statistics as a whole.  Nor is there any easy way to clear all of the statistics back to a fresh state. Not having these features does not preclude the app's effective employment in a school but having them would broaden its usefulness.

Reference Section

There is a useful reference section to the app too. Here, a basic map of the world can be examined as well as ones that show such things as population, area, and population density. In these, countries can be selected to show some basic statistics and information. These are useful tools for teachers to be able to quickly bring up to explain key points in geography or to help students in their homework.

StudyGe Pricing

The base app for StudyGe is fully functional in regards to the world map but it contains advertisements. In-app purchases can remove the advertisements and expand the content to cover the states and provinces of some individual countries. Removing the advertisements is a good idea as it gets rid of distractions for the user but whether you pay for the other options depends on whether the more detailed look at states and provinces is necessary.  In most cases, they will only be required for residents of the countries in question or, perhaps, for those doing a specific project.

Verdict: StudyGe Review

StudyGe is a very effective app at what it does.  You might have seen some websites and other apps that provide a similar test-based geography educational experience but the extra polish, detail, and finesse in StudyGe is far beyond what you'll see in most of those.  Explore the free version and decide which of the expansions will help you or your students best meet your geography learning goals.

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