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Studycat Learn Spanish Review

There are many reasons for kids to learn a second language at a young age. Some have a bilingual heritage; others may have moved to a new country with their parents. An even stronger reason than family circumstances is that early childhood is the best time to learn a language. It will never be easier for kids to make gains in a skill that will enhance their lives in so many different ways.

All that kids need to put their language-learning ability to good use are the tools and support to learn. The Studycat apps are research-backed, beautifully produced and fun language learning experiences that we recommend for your kids to make early steps towards becoming bilingual.

The Studycat apps can help kids learn Spanish, English, Chinese, French, and German. We have led this review with the Spanish app, but the Studycat family provides a comparable experience with just the languages changing.

Studycat Learn Spanish Features

  • Multiple game styles
  • An option to choose between a learning pathway and a free choice of activity and topics
  • Educational science-based approach with named experts informing the learning activities' design
  • Addresses learning of vocabulary, pronunciation, reading, and spelling in the target language.
  • A colourful cast of feline characters to engage children's interest

Screenshots of Studycat Learn Spanish

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Studycat Pricing

The Studycat subscription fee is competitive, and the seven-day free trial gives you full access to the app, making your final purchase decision risk-free. Subscriptions to the Studycat apps start at $14.99 per month. 

Your kids can learn with Studycat on multiple devices. Parents need to use the parent's area of the app to sign in to their Studycat account on each required device.

Is it good for learning?

When apps claim to be research-backed, we like to see two things: named experts and a detailed explanation of the approach. I am pleased to note that both are in place for the Studycat apps. The website lists teaching, learning and early years experts who have contributed to the apps' development. These experts have developed an active learning approach, which they detail on the website for teachers and parents to consider.

The Cons of using Studycat Learn Spanish

A few of the activities create a slightly illogical request, such as being asked to place the toilet on the bookshelf! However, the language is correct; it definitely avoids educated guesses, and players know what to do if they understand the spoken words. Whether intentional or not, it also injects some extra humour!

More Information

Gameplay Gamified
Games Games
Narration Narration
Parental Engagement Parental Engagement

Suitable for ages - Primary School Apps (5-7 Years)
Primary School Apps (7-11 Years)
Secondary School Apps (11-14 Years)

Subjects & Topics - Languages

Great for - Organisational and Productivity Skills

Benefits for Students

Many apps promise game-like learning while only providing multiple-choice questions embellished with cartoon characters. Studycat makes the same promise but delivers on it with a more natural merging of learning and fun.

There are many different game types in the app. The Studycat activities primarily aim to teach aspects of the target language but also include secondary learning benefits that promote deeper thinking skills.

For example, the app contains one of the most original approaches to helping kids memorise colours in their target language I have seen. This challenge could have been a dressed-up multiple-choice activity where kids tap the colour paint corresponding to the spoken word. This wouldn't have worked in this app because not all spoken colours are represented by paint.

Kids have to mix the paint from the available colours when there is no pure option. This extra layer makes for much higher engagement as the thinking style varies from memorising and recalling words to recalling art lessons or thinking about how to form a colour from others.

This example is just one of the many different learning activities in the app.

Benefits for Teachers

All of the Studycat apps can allow the learning activities to be accessed in any order or by following a learning pathway. A simple toggle switch labelled Structured behind the parental lock controls this choice. Teachers and homeschooling parents will find the random access option beneficial as it lets them use the app for teaching and demonstration.

Many apps don't allow this free choice, which means that should they want to use one of the activities to liven up a classroom lesson or choose a topic out of the app's order, they must play through all the preceding activities. This option makes the Studycat apps viable classroom teaching tools even in a single-device classroom.

Should schools want all of their children to enjoy the Studycat learning experience, they can obtain a school license. This purchase provides more functionality for schools, including teacher and parent dashboard tools to aid assignment setting and monitoring.

Teachers shouldn't ignore the printable PDFs mentioned earlier in this review. They provide an excellent overview of the apps' coverage to inform teachers' planning. They also include printable resources in the same graphical style as the apps, creating a pleasing synergy between app-based and traditional learning.

Benefits for Parents

The style of the activities in the Studycat apps allows for plenty of replay in different contexts. While some activities have a timer, it isn't a countdown. Parents can talk and work with their kids to help them learn without feeling peril or pressure from the activities' rules.

Later, they can use the time to see how quickly they can recall the words, but it doesn't feel pressured.

Studycat supports the apps with printable curricula, which you can download from its website even before subscribing to the app. This PDF will prove a beneficial resource for parents who homeschool their kids, either entirely or just to learn this additional language.

The Studycat apps support users of various native languages, including English (UK and US), German, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

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You can download Studycat Learn Spanish on your iOS devices from the Apple App Store.

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Final Verdict: Studycat Learn Spanish Review

The Studycat apps have won awards; it is easy to see why. The app and its activities feel crafted to suit the learning goals rather than the learning goals forced to fit a template. There are many reasons why monolingual people envy those who speak one or more additional languages. They recognise the advantages it brings and feel the uphill struggle it is for adults to achieve the goal.

I confidently recommend Studycat as an excellent first step towards helping your child become someone admired for their language flexibility, and I have awarded it five stars.

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