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About Study Quest

Study Quest is a game-centred piece of language-learning software that has at its core a user-created avatar who competes various challenges and ‘battles’ while at the same time learning selected vocabulary and/or phrases.  The app blends animation and challenges of the Pokémon / Candy Crush genre to leave you with a progressive learning game that will keep you coming back for more.

Study Quest Review

Study Quest brings you to an animated world where you must do battle against a series of fire-based, plant-based, water-based and electricity-based creature.  How do you ‘battle’ them?  With your knowledge, of course.  Centred around self-created or selected vocabulary lists the user is gradually asked to interact with these new words and/or phrases in the guise of battling a series of creatures.  On the start screen the user is required to create an account using a current email address and, once done, then is asked to create their own avatar (character) by choosing a name and appearance.  For greater speed of access the character can be randomised and then edited at a later point.  From here, the road to battle begins.  Users can specially select the prescribed language – French, Korean, German, Spanish, Italian, English (US and UK) or Japanese – and set of expressions on which they would like to focus.  This list of words and/or expressions can be devised by the user where the customise their own ‘book’ of study – assigning it a name, a colour scheme, a specialist icon and, if they wish, a description of it.  Following on from this the user will input the vocabulary, in each case with the option to customise the styles of learning challenge that will go with this particular ‘card’ – be it spelling, multiple choice, word jumble or drawing.  However, in order to have your card accepted you must pay one ‘Oin’ before it can be accepted and therefore become useable.  This price will be the same for each ‘card’ that you create.  Another option, is to borrow from previously created ‘books’ by other users.  Like before each ‘card’ will cost you one ‘Oin’, so 20 items of vocabulary will cost 20 Oins.  To find the books most suitable for your needs you are able to search specifically of titles and tags to refine the list of options.  Should you run out of ‘Oins’ they can be, either obtained as an in-App purchase or you can earn them – as well as other rewards – by successfully battling some of the previously mentioned creatures.

The ‘battle’ sequences can take the form of a ‘Daily Quest’ whereby you compete for small rewards, should you managed to defeat your opponents before they defeat you.  Before each battle you attempt to gain attack points by playing a small game similar to ‘Connect 4’ and Candy Crush, i.e. where matching at least three identical symbols in a row will grant you a specific type of attack.  These are in turn used against a series of creatures.  In order to score a ‘critical’ hit you must attack the appropriate creature with a  spell hat is specific to their particular weakness.  You gain the right to attack these creatures by completing a series of language-related tasks as mentioned previously.  With each correct answer you can then use these to gain experience and progression levels, but as well you are able attack your opponent.  In each quest, you must defeat series of opponents to win, with new quests becoming available each day.

As an extension to this ‘Daily Challenge’ you can participate in ‘free play’ for extra language experience and points, or you can explore a ‘Safari’ by spending on token and again battling opponents for points and prizes that are on offer.  While in Safari, you can choose you level of difficulty – where, of course, a greater level of challenge will reap greater rewards.  No matter the type of interactive activity you are seeking Study Quest will draw you in with its addictive charm, pleasing visuals and progressive challenges.

Overall, it is a well thought-out app that is pieced together from other software that is hugely popular at the moment.  It is extremely well-presented with relevant and innovative features, which will appeal to a vast range of users, especially children.  The educational benefits are found in regular usage and active learning strategies, where the pseudo-world of game-play softens the challenges of vocabulary learning.  I have already recommended it to my students and they absolutely love it!  A great app for promoting painless and enthusiastic independent learning. 

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Futuretro Studios

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