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About Study Flash

Study Flash cards app is the ultimate flash card revision tool and study aid for students and professionals. The app creates flash card study aids using a number of different options such as text, audio, pictures and in-app content sharing. This is a great app for those who need to memorize factual information for learning a new language, preparing for an exam or that important presentation or interview.

The app has a number of easy to use options that allow you to organize your cards, shuffle, export, listen to and so much more.

Study Flash Review

Upon opening the application, the user is presented with a quick splash screen and then the home screen which is simple and clear. Here there are a number of options; The question icon in the top left provides key information for study techniques and how the application works. We would have liked to have seen study tips for how flash cards could be presented based on peoples learning styles such as kinaesthetic, auditory or visual.

The bottom left icon enables the user to delete the current cards, sort, check, flip or move. The up/down arrows reveal the answers to the card set and the middle icon enables the user to share the cards via email, print, PDF, message or notes. We would have liked to have seen some other options here such as Drop Box, Near Pod or Social Media. The second right icon leads us to Deck Operations where the user can shuffle, sort alphabetically, reverse sort, check, uncheck and flip. The right hand bottom icon signified as a light bulb enters the flash card revision stage, we took a while to find this and maybe the developers! could consider an icon that is a little clearer.

To set up a flash card set the user can press the plus icon in the top left corner. Here we can add a new card or deck or import from card sets already shared via Quizlet or a download code. We love the fact that these cards are available and although the options are limited there was no log in through Quizlet. Once we create a new deck of flash revision cards we are again given a number of options. The options are to change the font, backgrounds and also add a study reminder. We particularly liked the colour options where students can set colours for certain subjects and the reminder to study is an excellent, well thoug! ht out feature.

The flash card itself can be a stylised text or the user can combine the use of pictures from the library, camera or you can draw an image. The option to paste an image from the clipboard would be beneficial here but we loved the draw option this is ideal for visual learners and diagrams and we had great fun using the tool.

The flash card can also incorporate audio which again is ideal for auditory learners. Here we can simply have the text read out or we can record a voice over for the card.

Once the flash card set has been created we can move into study mode by pressing the light bulb icon. This screen reveals a number of options. The help icon gives valuable information about quality study mode tips and how to navigate the flash cards. You can track your progress by using the check icon and filter this out with the options at the top. Swiping left or right will reveal a new card and swiping up or down will flip the card to view the reverse. There is also a play icon where the card can be read out. This is ideal for those students learning a language and want to understand the correct pronunciation. This au! dio mode can be turned on permanently in the top right and the card swiping can be disabled using the icon in the bottom left. The shuffle icon will shuffle the flash card deck; this can be found in the bottom left hand corner. The developers could consider some kind of scoring system here that shows the users how many cards they have got right when the cards are worked through. This may highlight problematic cards and topics for the user. We did find that with so many options and menus we often found ourselves lost in the app or pressing icons that eventually made the app so unstable it closed.

It is very clear that this application offers a vast amount of options and in some cases we felt that the application had too many and was over worked. As a student revision can be a daunting and laborious task and creating revision cards with so many options can add to that stress. The developers may want to offer a ‘quick’ card set up that has default settings to establish a faster revision card set.

In summary there are a number of flash card applications in the revision tool market place and Study Flash is certainly one of the best. The application has a number of different options and tools and we love the fact that flash cards can be downloaded via Quizlet, however we did feel that to create a number of flash cards can take a while and students may lose patience with the application. Having said that once the cards are created it is a fantastic revision tool.

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