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Developer Description

The Study Econ app that accompanies your The Economy Today, Schiller, 13th edition textbook will allow you to study on the go… whether you’re waiting for a class to start, sitting on a bus, or just lounging on the couch. An in-app purchase allows access to all the chapters in the app.

Features of the Study Econ mobile app include:
– Flashcards of every key term and definition from the textbook, and are customizable by chapters.
– Basic math review for those pesky formulas we sometimes forget. For example, how do you calculate a percent increase? Not sure? Well, it’s in the app!
– Customizable self-quizzes that allow for more practice and feedback.
– Matching game that helps learning key terms and concepts more engaging and fun!
– Search tool to look up any key term or concept found anywhere in the app.

The free version includes all the features of the app for first three chapters of microeconomics and macroeconomics. Obtaining access to the remaining chapters is completed through an in-app purchase.

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