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About StudentVUE

StudentVUE is a mobile app that gives students daily access to information about their academic experience, assisting them in staying informed and connected.

StudentVUE Review

What do we like about StudentVue?

There are links to email teachers as well as the current quarter's class schedule. Each course in high school that counts for credits is listed in the course history, along with any validated credits taken. The course record is not a certified transcript. Course requests are a list of the courses a student wants to take the following year. This is only accessible once the new school year is established and is not a placement guarantee.

What skills does it improve?

The grade book shows the assignments and grades recorded in the teacher's grade book. By clicking on the assignment name, further details regarding that particular assignment can be seen. The grades for each grading period of the current school year are listed on the report card. Students in middle and high school see letter grades.

What age is it appropriate for?

StudentVUE is appropriate for students in all grades.

Is StudentVue free?

StudentVUE is available for free to download on all Android and iOS devices. 

Is StudentVue easy to use?

The school's address and phone number are displayed under School Information. Additionally, it includes a list of every employee's email address. Student Information contains demographic information stored in the student information system (home address, phone number, etc.).

How will students benefit?

The StudentVUE Mobile app gives students daily access to information about their academic experience, assisting them in staying informed and connected. Similar to how the StudentVUE web portal interacts with the Synergy student information system, StudentVUE Mobile enables students to keep track of upcoming school events, classroom activities, assignments, tests, and academic performance. The ability to view assignments, grades, attendance, and more is available to students. You can view a thorough list of each class's assignments, tests, and distribution of grades by clicking on the name of the class in question.

How will teachers benefit?

The calendar displays important dates related to school, including holidays, breaks, and days when there are no classes. Assignments, tests, and quizzes may also be entered by the teacher on the calendar. This page lists the attendance for each period. 

How will parents benefit?

Parents and kids will find it simpler since, after logging in just once, you can set it up to remember your username, making subsequent log-ins even quicker.

What can StudentVue improve on?

In StudentVUE there may be a delay when information is submitted by the school in some situations, and further details concerning absences and late arrivals can be accessed by clicking on the date.

How much does StudentVue cost?

StudentVUE is available free of cost.

Final thoughts

StudentVUE is an online service that provides students with the resources they need to keep current on their education. Information about the school, including attendance, grades, and assignments, will be available to the students. Students can better keep up with daily academic progress with the aid of this online resource.

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Android, iPad, iPhone




Organisational and Productivity Skills


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