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Develop your skills in mathematics by answering the list of sums against the clock. Look back over previous exercises to gauge your progress and build up your star-chart as you master each of the four operations and the times tables.

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The theme of Stu D. Math is to appear like a school workbook displayed through the basic and colourful graphics. On the home screen up to five personal profiles can be created that are be based on the student’s name and age.

Students will be tested on the four mathematical operations by offering two styles known as ‘Start homework’ and ‘My stars’. Both share a very similar format of challenging the student by displaying the sum in the form of numbers and symbols. A countdown timer begins when the first sum appears and instant feedback is given for each answer, either correct in green or incorrect in red.

‘Start homework’ mode is based on the age selected when setting up the personal profile of the student. The mathematical functions to be tested are preset for the homework, however, accessing the ‘Change settings’ on the main menu can alter them. Here you will find the operations and the times tables that can be toggled on or off. The other settings that can be adjusted include the number of questions, the total time for the homework, maximum sum and twins only.

‘My stars’ is a reward chart for all four operations up to the twelve times tables. This graphic displays the progress of students as they master each section. Simply tap on the star next to the operation and times table that you want to complete and the exercise will begin. There are three levels of achievement based on how quickly the set of questions is answered correctly; bronze for all correct answers, silver for all under 10 seconds and gold for all under 5 seconds.

After each exercise is completed a report is generated with a list of all the questions asked, the percentage score, any corrections and the speed the questions are answered. This report is saved and can be accessed from the main screen along with all previous completed exercises. A progress graph is available for each student, which displays three graphs; percentage score, speed of questions answered and the average difficult for every completed

This is purely an assessment-based app where learning can be achieved through analysing the report card generated at the end of the exercise. By evaluating the right and wrong answers along with the speed at which the answer were given, the student can identify where the strengths and weaknesses are.

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Stu D. Math is a unique application designed to help elementary school students practice their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division tables. By collecting stars students will be motivated to practice even more. With the use of the timer students will develop their answering speed and increase memorization. Parents can customize tables and detailed parameters to match the student weekly’s classroom objective. Parents can also monitor progress of the student and better understand any difficulties the student may have. Homework will become fun and easy for the student with the help of Stu D. Math.

* Designed for the iOS 8
* Designed for kids: no advertisements
* Practice and improve by collecting stars
* Personalize quiz with detailed parameters
* Choose parameter presets according to the age of the student
* Add up to 5 different students on the same device
* Consult the student’s progress and historical data:
* * Trend of the quiz results
* * Trend of the average question response time
* * Trend of the average question difficulty level
* * All saved quiz in detail

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