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About Storyteller Read Aloud to Kids

STORYTELLER is an app that turns any book into a spoken book. By scanning in the pages of any book the app recognises the text and then turns this into speech so it can read aloud the words on the page. This allows users to scan in any book and then have the app read the pages out loud for whoever is listening.

The app is very simple to use and it just requires access from the phone or tablets camera to be able to scan in the images. Once the user has gone through and scanned each page the apps AI abilities recognise, decode and then produce a spoken version of the book. The books is then kept in the library, accessible at any time for the user to access. 

In trialling this app I used a range of books, in terms of difficulty and amount of words on the page to see if it worked the same regardless of the complexity. I was pleasantly surprised to say that it did. I even tried articles from magazines or pages from a website and again it did. Understandably if the article or website had lots of blocks of text then it did struggle but if the text was in a linear form it managed this absolutely fine.

The developers have suggested that this app works incredibly well for young children to have picture books scans in and then read back to the child but I also think the applications for the app go far beyond this too. The quality of the spoken AI is a lot better than many other apps and sounds more like a usual spoken voice than an electronically created one. The pauses and emphasis on certain words seem very genuine and natural too.

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Storyteller Read Aloud to Kids Review

What is STORYTELLER app?

STORYTELLER is an app that turns written books and texts into spoken ones. Using AI technology, books are scanned into the app and then turned into a spoken text or book. Once a book has been scanned in it is saved in the apps library and can be revisited whenever the user wishes to. The app automatically reads the text so it also turns the pages as it displays them on screen, allowing the user to follow the text or story as it is read.

The application for the app is very wide. Although it can be used for younger children to have their favourite books scanned in and read to them it can also be used for older students, especially if they have any learning or reading difficulties to have text read out loud to them. It could also be used to have stories or text scanned in and read out loud whilst you are doing something else basically turning anything into an audiobook.

What we love about STORYTELLER

Everything about this app is brilliant but for someone working in education the uses of this are boundless. I really like the fact that the AI voice does not sound like a traditional AI voice. The developers have obviously worked hard on making sure the voice is quality making it sound as natural as possible. It also does this all of the uploading and transferring text to spoken word very quickly too with very little lag time which again is impressive.

What skills does it improve?

STORYTELLER app allows users to develop their reading skills as they able to follow along with the words on the page. However, it can also help those readers who struggle to engage in reading and help them to develop a love of reading for pleasure. It can also be used to help students listen to large pieces of difficult text allowing them to listen to it whilst making notes.

What age is it appropriate for?

STORYTELLER app really has no age limit at all. Younger children will require the help of an adult to set it up for them and to scan in the books but these are the only limitations that it has.

Is STORYTELLER easy to use?

For both the learner and the parent the app is incredibly easy to use and access.

How will students benefit?

Students will benefit in a wide variety of ways. It could be that they scan in books to allow them to listen to them as audio books. It could be that they use the app to help them improve their reading as they can follow along with difficult texts hearing how the words should be spoken. They may also use the app in their studies, scanning in text and then making notes as the text is read back to them. There are also many applications of the app to support SEND students.

How will teachers benefit?

In the same way that students will benefit from the app there are limitless possibilities for teachers to benefit from the app too. They can encourage students to scan in their books or texts at home to support or encourage their reading or to support their studies too. The benefits are as wide as the teachers’ imagination!

How will parents benefit?

There are so many benefits for parents too. This includes parents of any age child. Younger children could have their parents scan in their favourite books and allow them to access these books whenever they want. They could use the app to encourage reading and a love for reading or also to help their child with their studies too.

What STORYTELLER can improve on?

There aren’t really any things that I could say that the app needs to improve upon, the only one I can think of would be to add different options for the spoken voice.

How much does STORYTELLER cost?

STORYTELLER is free to download.

What is included with the free version vs. paid?

The free version gives the user access to 3 books and then after that you can take out a subscription for unlimited access.

Is STORYTELLER safe to use

STORYTELLER app content is completely child-friendly and contains no content that could be considered inappropriate or unsafe for children.

Overall rating of the app

STORYTELLER app has received a 5 star EAS rating and this is due to the premise of the app and the potential learning within it. I was very much impressed by all aspects of STORYTELLER.

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