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About StoryGraph: Reading Tracker

StoryGraph is an app that allows you to track the books that you read and own, and quantify that data. StoryGraph is available for free to download on all iOS and Android devices.

StoryGraph: Reading Tracker Review

What do we like about StoryGraph?

It reveals the types of books you are reading and loving based on your answers to a series of questions. You can follow someone and become their friend via the community function. But unlike Goodreads, the emphasis here is largely on your personal reading preferences and information.

The user interface of the application is neat, simple, and uncluttered. The StoryGraph app is quite simple to use; on the main screen, you can see what you're currently reading, what's recommended to you, what you have on your to-read list, and what's trending this week. The home page, stats, community page, and your page are all located at the bottom of the screen.

Readers can add titles to their to-read or read piles on the search pane more easily with StoryGraph. This reading tool provides individualised recommendations along with straightforward monitoring and useful statistics. This application differs from its rivals in that it uses machine learning artificial intelligence to make suggestions based on your mood. Additionally, based on your other reading choices, you can find tailored reading lists of new books.

What skills does it improve?

StoryGraph prompts you with a series of questions after you complete a book to help classify it for your data. A normal 5-star rating follows the questions regarding moods and speed, if the story is character- or plot-driven, whether the characters are likeable and diverse, whether their weaknesses are obvious, and whether they are well-developed. You can keep track of the book's edition and/or format that you now possess.

Is StoryGraph free?

StoryGraph is available for free to download on all Android devices.

Is StoryGraph easy to use?

To begin with, the homepage is perfect. There are no commercials, and it is simplistic but catchy. Your personalised recommendations, depending on what you've read and are reading, are what you see first. In addition, you'll see what's on your to-read list, what you're reading right now, and what others are reading.

How much does StoryGraph cost?

StoryGraph is available at the cost of $49.99.

Final thoughts

You benefit from StoryGraph's clever design features, which increase your enjoyment of reading. You can include your own content warnings when you write and submit book reviews to Storygraph. These content warnings come from writers and publishers in addition to users.

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