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About Stop - Categories Word Game

Stop Categories Word Game is a fun, challenging word game to help you learn vocab while you have fun. Stop Categories Word Game develops a popular classroom game often played by teachers. They use it with their students for vocabulary learning. In app form, this game becomes one kids can play at any time.

Stop Categories Word Game is available to download on iOS and Android for free. The play experience is improved by making in-app purchases. Stop - Categories Word Game's age suitability is determined more by its social media integration and real-world competition than the actual gameplay and app content.

Stop - Categories Word Game Review

What is Stop Categories Word Game

Stop Categories Word Game is an app-based version of a popular children's word game known by a few different names but commonly as Stop the Bus in the UK or Scattergories in the US.. Players come up with words that start with a randomly determined letter in a series of given categories.

What we love about Stop Categories Word Game

Stop Categories Word Game is a highly polished app that is very attractive to look at and fun to play. Word games appeal to many people, kids included, and feel like a better use of spare time than mindless shooting games and the like.

Unlike some competitive word game apps, Stop - Categories Word Game validates the words entered by players. This feature is ideal for young players who are using the app to develop their vocabulary. It might make the occasional misstep in allowing or disallowing words, but the app's developers encourage players to get in touch to correct these. Doing this will make the whole experience better for everyone.

What skills does it improve?

Stop the Bus, the game on which this app is based, has long been a popular classroom game because it is simple to learn and encourages children to add new words to their vocabulary and learn their spellings.

What age is it appropriate for?

While primary school children can enjoy the underlying game format, the app has an iOS app store rating of 12+ and a PEGI rating of 16+ on the Play Store. These ratings are likely the result of the app's in-app purchase options, advertisements, social media integration and remote players' potential to input inappropriate words.

Is Stop Categories Word Game easy to use?

Without spending any money, this app is playable, but the advertisements and ingame restrictions distract and break the app's flow. These features reduce the player's enjoyment of the app and may cause confusion for young players.

If you pay to remove the advertisements and add infinite lives, the player's experience is improved dramatically. The game's controls are intuitive, and the rules of the game easy to understand and learn.

How will students benefit?

The Stop the Bus game is popular with children in the classroom and they'll enjoy the chance to play it in their own time, especially if they can connect with friends from real life.

How will teachers benefit?

Teachers play the Stop the Bus/Scattergories game in class because it is easy to learn, promotes learning new words, and encourages children to think quickly. The version in this app offers precisely the same benefits but does not require teachers to run the game. Teachers of different subjects, including languages, can all find a way to use this game with their classes.

With this game on a classroom device, teachers can let their students play the same game while they provide separate support to other students or complete classroom administration tasks.

How will parents benefit?

Parents are well aware that children like to play games on their mobile devices but are also aware that the games do not often provide any help to their child's education. Word games, such as this one, have valid educational benefits and can help with spelling and vocabulary recall.

What Stop Categories Word Game can improve on?

Stop - Categories Word Game's freemium approach is not an ideal one for children. The app is well made, and the Stop the Bus game is popular with kids, so it is a pity that it is not available as a single purchase. As well as making it more child-friendly, this would make it much easier for it to be used in schools, too.

How much does Stop - Categories Word Game cost?

Stop - Categories Word Game is free to download and is playable in this format. It relies heavily on advertisements unless owners pay for the appropriate in-app purchase.

What is included with the free version vs. paid?

Each game played 'costs' one player life. These lives are earned every 30 minutes of play time, from watching an ad or making a one-off, in-app purchase for infinite lives. In addition to lives, the app has 'coins' that players can spend on the game features.

Players earn coins by playing games or through in-app purchases. Coins are needed for players to handpick the categories used in each game. There are 10 in-app purchase options that remove ads, provide in-app currency, open up features, and provide infinite lives.

Is Stop Categories Word Game safe to use?

While none of Stop - Categories Word Game's first-party content is unsuitable for children, parents should be aware of its use of third-party advertisements, social media integration, in-app currency, and the potential to see words entered by online competitors.

Overall rating of the app

Stop - Categories Word Game's developers have built this app around a fun and popular word game. People of all ages can enjoy the game but its monetisation mechanics and social-media content make it difficult to recommend for children, especially younger ones.

Parents and teachers will have to decide whether the opponent matching, targeted advertisements, and in-app purchase options are appropriate for their children. Your child's age and maturity, plus how much you choose to spend on this app will determine how suitable it is. Assuming you pay at least enough to remove the advertisements, this is a four-star app as the game is good fun and well presented.

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