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Stop Breathe Think

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About Stop Breathe Think

Stop, Breathe & Think is a free mindfulness and meditation app that encourages kids for developing positive habits of mind for kids and adults. Kids can experience guided meditation exercises from their mobile devices. Teachers and Parents who practice mindfulness have more mental clarity and flexibility, are better able to listen and as a result, make better decisions. At Stop, Breathe & Think, they believe that taking a few minutes each day to feel the calm is as important as regular exercise to reduce stress at work and increase engagement and creativity.

Teacher Review

Stop, Breathe & Think Kids is a program to help children ages 5-10 strengthen their social-emotional learning and develop mindfulness skills. Created in collaboration with Susan Kaiser Greenland, an internationally recognized leader in teaching mindfulness and meditation to kids and families, this app engages children in missions that teach them how to better self-regulate emotions, be calm, sleep, de-stress, and resolve conflicts.


Stop, Breathe & Think cleverly disguises mindfulness and SEL activities as missions children must complete. Each of the 40 plus missions targets specific skill development, from focus to breathing to empathy. All missions creatively engage children directly, whether by asking them to imitate the actions of animated characters in short stories or by guiding them through physical activities such as breathing, jumping, wiggling, or stating gratitude aloud.

I also appreciate the way in which Stop, Breathe & Think organizes and provides missions. Upon first opening the app, the user is prompted to choose up to three emojis that represent their current emotional state, which is particularly good for users who might be overwhelmed by several feelings at once. Missions are then provided based on the user’s response, but a full library of missions can be accessed as well, where they are categorized by need. This is especially helpful for parents, who might specifically want to search for missions based on what is helpful for a meltdown, going to sleep, or learning to be more caring.


Though there are dozens of free activities available, if you want access to the full suite of missions, you have to pay a monthly subscription fee of $9.99 or $58.99 for a year. While I appreciate that the free version of Stop, Breathe & Think Kids still provides substantial opportunities for learning, cost could create a barrier of access to families who can’t afford the $10 a month.

While the activities felt effective, as an adult, I wanted some background on why these particular missions were chosen and how they are proven to be effective in teaching SEL and mindfulness skills. While the website emphasizes the legitimacy of the creators through qualifications and experience, I wanted to know how this manifested in the actual app. Perhaps adding a scientific explanation of the app’s features could be a good addition to the parent settings function.

Our Takeaway:

Stop, Breathe & Think Kids is a great, easy resource to help strengthen children’s mindfulness and social emotional learning. Anxious, hyper, angry, or otherwise, all children will learn something when using this app.

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Stop, Breathe & Think

Download Stop, Breathe & Think: Meditation and Mindfulness

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  • Stop, Breathe & Think: Meditation and MindfulnessStop, Breathe & Think: Meditation and MindfulnessStop, Breathe & Think: Meditation and MindfulnessStop, Breathe & Think: Meditation and MindfulnessStop, Breathe & Think: Meditation and Mindfulness


Stop, Breathe & Think is an award-winning mindfulness and meditation app that is simple, fun and easy to use. Check in to how you are thinking and feeling, and get recommended guided meditations or yoga and acupressure videos tuned to your emotions.

At Stop, Breathe & Think, we believe that taking a few minutes each day to feel the calm is as important as regular exercise. If we can help more of you regularly find peace of mind, we’re doing our part to help make the world a better place.


Meditation made easy with:

  • Over 55 tailored meditations
  • Customizable meditation timer with choices of chimes and soundscapes
  • Meditations to start and end your day
  • Tracker for your emotions pre and post meditation
  • Sharing for friends

Guided meditations and yoga or acupressure videos designed to help with:

  • Stress, Anxiety & Depression
  • Focus
  • Compassion
  • Sleep
  • And much more!

Tracker for mood & meditation progress:

  • Check-in and record today’s meditation progress
  • Integration with the the Health app
  • Track daily streaks, weekly settledness, top emotions, total time meditated and more
  • Stickers reward you along the way!


“You can change your whole frame of mind with just a few minutes of meditation.” -Fast Company

Meditate regularly and develop skills that help you relax, support academic and professional achievement, in addition to more positive interactions and relationships, by learning to:

- Deepen your awareness of your thoughts and emotions and recognize those feelings in others
- Settle yourself down and proactively manage your emotions and reactions, like stress or anxiety
- Approach people and everyday situations from the perspective of kindness and compassion.


Stop, Breathe & Think is free to use for the basic meditations. We also offer two options for a premium membership that will unlock premium content and features including 45+ meditation tracks, 8 yoga and acupressure videos as well as 6 additional soundscapes and chimes for the Meditation Timer:

- Monthly Subscription full price for $6.99 per month ($4.99 through February 28, 2017)
- Yearly Subscription for $84 per year ($41.99 through February 28, 2017)

These prices are in US dollars. Your price may be converted to your local currency.

Our subscriptions automatically renew at the end of each term and you will be charged through your iTunes Account. You may also turn off your subscription auto-renewal at any time through your iTunes Account Settings. We cannot offer a refund for unsubscribing early.

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