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About Stars Messenger

Stars is a safe and private messaging app that is ideal for families. It is easy to use for all ages, and it’s very well designed with color and font choices, and fun new emojis.

Whether you want your kids to chat with their friends that are in a different city or want to create a safe environment for them to learn how to use technology, here is the list of texting apps for kids.

Stars Messenger Review

How Stars Messenger works

After installing the app and signing up (it’s easy and you don’t even need to provide an email address), a Stars username and PIN will be given to you through the app. The PIN is less like a super-secret bank PIN, and more like a “this proves you know me” code. No need to remember it – Stars shows your code to you on the app.

At first, no-one will know how to contact you on Stars. That’s a good thing – it means no strangers can contact your kids by guessing at a number or username. So, you’ll want to get your family on Stars. Each family member simply follows the same steps on their tablet or phone by getting the Stars app, so you’ll each wind up with usernames and PIN’s.

To add just one person to message with

You can either message one-to-one by adding each other in the app – enter the username and PIN of the person you want to connect with, and once they accept your add request, you can message each other. You won’t need to enter usernames and PIN’s again for that person; that’s a one-off step only for when you first connect.

To message in a group

For most families though, you’re more likely to want to message in a group instead of one-to-one; at least this was the case for our family. Have an adult member create a group; just tap on “Create new group”. You can call the group whatever you like, e.g. “Smith family”. Stars will give you a group username and PIN. Just have your family members tap on “Join a group” in their Stars app and tell them the group username and PIN: you can tell them this info verbally if they’re with you, or you can email them or whatever. It doesn’t matter how you tell them, just as long as they know the group username and PIN to join (this is a one-off step that only needs to be done once). Then they’ll enter this information in the “join group” dialog, and just like that, you’re all texting to each other in the same group. This is how we did it, and it has been working wonderfully for us!


Choice of fonts and colors – no boring black-and-white (or blue-and-white) texts. You can message with a choice of fonts and colors, which is wonderful. We’ve noticed this feature is especially helpful in group convos, where each person can pick their own style, allowing them to have their own “voice”.

Group messaging is super-easy to set up.

Stars provides plenty of fun emojis, or you can use your regular emojis from your keyboard. They’ve really made this a fun experience for both kids and adults to use.

Very safe for children and families (see below under “Safety” for details of why).

Full multi-media – besides texts, you can also send photos, audio or video if you wish.

Video chat - this is great if your kids want to talk with their friends (especially while gaming!) without needing a phone. My son can do video chat with his friend, tablet-to-tablet. It even supports chat in groups of up to 10 people! It works well, when we tested it out recently between tablet and phone, the video chat has a similar level of performance as the video chat on WhatsApp, which is a pretty decent benchmark.


Messages are not encrypted. At least as far as I could tell from the Privacy Policy, it seems the messages are not stored in an encrypted manner. Therefore if a hacker broke into the Stars data center, they could conceivably read the content of your messages. The risk of that happening is low, but still, I would not use Stars to exchange any truly sensitive information. For our family, this is not a problem, as we are typically exchanging messages that aren’t critical information, or at least that no-one else could use to their advantage. I do feel that this is one area where Stars could improve though; adding encryption to the system is something relatively easy to implement.

Calling the code a PIN is not the best choice for user experience. I feel it’s counter-productive to the idea that a PIN is something that should be kept secret. Instead it would be better in terms of teaching kids if the Stars PIN was instead called something else, to keep the idea that a true PIN should never be shared. Ideally you would want to call the Stars PIN a term that implies it is in fact designed to be shared with a trusted person e.g. a “Handshake Code” instead.

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