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About Stars and Planets

Stars and Planets is an immersive app that allows users to explore our Universe and improve their knowledge of the celestial bodies that occupy it. Stars and Planets is a free app available on iOS and Android, with the option to upgrade to remove adverts. 

Users of Stars and Planets can explore a plethora of celestial objects found within the Universe such as Satellites, Planets and Exoplanets, and various types of stars. The app consists of a comprehensive library of facts and statistics for each chosen body to help the user satisfy their passion for the study of space. The stunning visuals within the app, the depth at which a user can explore each part of the Universe and the automatic updates of Exoplanet data without the need to update the app makes Stars and Planets engaging, exciting and truly addictive.

Stars and Planets Review

What is Stars and Planets

Stars and Planets is an app that allows you to virtually speed through the Universe, observing planetary objects as amazing 3D images and explore a wealth of information for each body chosen. For first time use, individuals are guided through a helpful tutorial explaining the key aspects of the app, from here the opportunities are endless. The app can be explored by clicking on the beautiful images that occupy our Universe or through the search bar if a specific body is desired. Altering the speed of orbits, switching from image to text and changing different parameters can be done effortlessly with the touch of a finger, ensuring the app remains engaging.

The app has an extensive library of solar objects to choose from, which then provides you with key facts such as its temperature, radius, mass, density. Comparisons between the Earth and the chosen object can be made, offering insight into the relative differences which can be hard to comprehend through imagination alone. The snapshot of key facts can be expanded further into detailed text, providing an increase in challenge.  The app supports users in learning key information, grasping relative distances and observing and altering orbit speed to give a truly immersive experience. Users can visualise unfamiliar bodies and experience an awe inspiring and exciting journey through space. Choosing an object couldn’t be easier, either by selecting its image or through the filter tab and search bar. This ensures the app is a time efficient, effective, and enjoyable learning tool. The sheer volume of objects to discover is outstanding; 4.5 million stars, 4400 exoplanets, 39 black holes, and more can be explored, resulting in an app that has longevity as a learning tool.

What we love about Stars and Planets

Stars and Planets is a beautifully crafted app with awe inspiring visuals within an exciting virtual universe. The ease at which you can speed through the galaxies to find different celestial bodies entrances the user providing a fun and exciting experience. Switching locations is seamless creating an enjoyable and time efficient learning space. The ability to adapt the parameters to suit the user’s needs ensures the app can be personalised and remain engaging and non-repetitive creating a unique experience time and time again. The app uses dual coding, a mixture of formats and level of detail, with educationally sound content providing a forum that is accessible for all.  The sheer volume of information can excite even the most confident scientist and challenge them to expand their current understanding and curate their passion for all things ‘Space’.

What age is it appropriate for

Stars and Planets is appropriate for KS3-KS5 students in the age range of 12-18 with scope to continue beyond this age group. The app can be as challenging as the user desires and personalised for the individual and their learning needs.

What skills does it improve

Stars and Planets stimulates the user’s curiosity and encourages exploration and intrigue. It is an educationally sound app, with plenty of facts and key information for each area of the universe that is being examined. This app has academic relevance for students studying Science, especially for Physics specialists and can build upon a user’s prior knowledge of space. The app is easy to navigate and allows a user to self-direct their learning, focusing on the areas of space they wish to explore and allowing the user to personalise their experience by altering different parameters.

Is Stars and Planets easy to use

Stars and Planets is easy to use, with a handy search bar and filter options to speed up navigation. It has easy access to tutorials for those that wish to be directed further and pop-up tips that offer more information. The app has access to all social media channels and contact emails.

How will students benefit

Students using the app will be able to finesse their understanding of the universe and its objects including Exoplanets, Neutron stars, Blackholes and Satellites. The objects can be further filtered into groups for classifying or categorising based on different features. Parameters can be further adapted to suit the user’s needs. This app provides students with a comprehensive source of information for all objects within the universe and is therefore a priceless resource for independent research, group work and completing projects. Students can benefit from the format of the app as it relies on dual coding by pairing images and text. The app provides such an extensive database of information for a vast range of celestial bodies, including but not limited to millions of stars, thousands of exoplanets, and multiple blackholes making it truly addictive. The app can be used both in a school setting and at home.

How will teachers benefit?

Teachers can benefit from this app by using it as a source of information both within their planning and during teaching of content. This is especially beneficial to those who are not specialists in Physics and/or Astronomy. In addition, as the app is free to download with no data storage, it can be suggested as a resource to use when giving independent projects to students.  Download and use can be encouraged to students and parents alike without any financial or safety hurdles. It can be used further to extend more able learners beyond the curriculum scope to provide extra challenge for those who need it.

How will parents benefit?

Parents can explore the app with their child, test them on facts and figures and support their learning through collaborative play. The exciting nature of the app encourages discussion and ignites passion through use of 3D imagery to unimaginable places supporting academic curiosity. The app provides a bank of information to support home learning, distance learning and independent project work.

Stars and Planets can improve on

Stars and Planets provides a lot of information about all areas of our universe to develop a user’s understanding of space. Whilst this is a fantastic learning tool, support with some of the terminology for those less experienced or less confident users would allow for a wider audience to benefit from the sheer depth of information and support their progress and enjoyment.

How much does Stars and Planets cost?

The app is free to download and use with the option to pay to remove in-app adverts. The cost of this is £1.79.

Is Stars and Planets safe to use?

The app is safe to use and does not require a log in or storage of data.

Overall rating of the app

The app is deserving of its 5 stars. It is a virtual 3D experience that provides a realistic feel for our place in the Universe, paired with extensive information, facts and figures that can be personalised to the user. For students, it has the ability support their comprehension of our surroundings, understanding relative distances and conditions, and adjust parameters to meet their needs. The app can be used for high ability KS3 students all the way through to post 18 as it has buildable difficulty levels and challenging content. The app continues to update with live developments to allow users access to up to date information and data.

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