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  • Android, iPad, iPhone
  • Free
  • age 16+
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About Starlight

Starlight is an great app that anyone can use to explore the space without getting into a space ship. It is user-friendly and very exciting to use for both new and experienced users.

Starlight Review

Starlight is suitable for young kids who are just starting out with astronomy. It is beautiful, functional, and has just enough info on our solar system as well as the galaxy beyond. The app is free, and also comes with an ad-supported version for Android users.

We saw some amazing stargazing apps above but they offer a lot of features that might be too much for a beginner. If you are just starting out, try Starlight. You can search for and see all 88 constellations, most stars, and planets. The UI is less busy, giving you a clear view of the constellation which have hand-painted art over it.

Starlight provides you with the opportunity to have an interesting stargazing activity. Like other stargazing apps on this list, Starlight only requires your mobile device, and you’re definitely covered. You can gaze at the different constellations and stars in real-time, without leaving the comfort of your homes.

Starlight also educates and entertains children with astronomical studies. It provides simpler and faster navigation within the mobile app. This stargazing app has a collection of beautifully hand-painted designs and works of art.



Rich content


Lacks advanced features

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Android, iPad, iPhone






Academic Relevance


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You can download Starlight on your iOS or Android devices from the app stores. Download the Starlight app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

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