Star Walk Kids: Astronomy Game

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About Star Walk Kids: Astronomy Game

Star Walk Kids - Astronomy for Children is a virtual planetarium and education tool that teaches kids about constellations and celestial bodies.

Star Walk Kids: Astronomy Game Review

Star Walk Kids is a fun educational tool that provides your kids with a more engaging stargazing experience. They can still point their phone towards the sky to see a map of it show up on their device. The app has a cartoon-style interface and provides your children with short animated films and space facts to keep their attention. It also shows the location of the ISS as well as interesting facts about space.

Much like its adult-oriented cousin and Sky Guide, Star Walk Kids gives you a horizon, a sky to map to the real heavens or manipulate with a digit, and constellation artwork. However, everything is heavily simplified, in order to be more approachable and accessible. The artwork is vibrant, and major bodies and constellations when selected get their names read aloud; said items also have info pages that typically show colorful artwork and a tiny handful of easily digestible facts.

This one is especially for ages 6 to 8 and features kid-friendly, appealing graphics. Your child embarks on a space adventure, exploring The Sun, the Moon, and the eight planets of the solar system (including Pluto), constellations, 700 of the brightest stars, the International Space Station, Hubble Space Telescope and the ultimate compelling space feature, a black hole (Cygnus X-1).

In some cases, extra details can be accessed by way of a short piece of audio, but kids will likely be more interested in the nine movies mentioned in the app’s title. These are smartly animated films that provide insight into several of our solar system’s planets, Ursa Major, Polaris, Hubble, and Cygnus X–1. It’s a pity this approach is a bit scattergun — it’s strange that Jupiter gets a movie but Saturn and its rings don’t — but it adds something to Star Walk Kids that more conventional stargazing apps don’t have. As such, this is a good buy for tiny humans with an interest in space, but who aren’t quite ready for Sky Guide.

Kids can learn about stars (including star patterns, or constellations), planets, and spacecraft such as Hubble and the International Space Station. They also can use the virtual planetarium to view real-time locations of these objects in the sky, which encourages kids to freely explore space anywhere at any time. There are several animations and audio explanations that teach kids facts about space, and users can easily access these features at any time. Some narrations are quite brief, but this seems appropriate given the target age of most users. An assessment or game would be a great way for kids to apply what they learn. Star Walk Kids is a solid resource for kids just beginning to wonder about the starry skies. 

Star Walk Kids has an enchanting user interface and makes it easy for your kids to stay engaged while they learn new things about the objects in the sky.

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