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  • Free
  • age 12+
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Star Walk Review

Star Walk is an augmented reality stargazing app for spotting over 200,000 stars, planets, constellations, satellites and galaxies. Star Walk is a free app that can still use your phone's compass to locate planets and stars near you. Star Walk is available for free to download on all iOS and Android devices.

Star Walk Features

  • In-depth exploration of deep sky objects.
  • Night mode for comfortable stargazing.
  • Comprehensive information on all celestial objects.
  • "Time machine" feature for time-traveling through the sky.
  • Astronomical calendar showcasing various celestial events.

Screenshots of Star Walk

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Star Walk Pricing

Star Walk free version comes with ads. Star Walk premium subscription (Star Walk Plus) costs $0.99 per month or $4.99 for 1 year access.

Is it good for learning?

Star Walk is suitable for both formal and informal learning environments. Teachers, parents, and students can use it to supplement astronomy lessons or explore space as a hobby.

What is Star Walk?

Available for phones and tablets, Star Walk is an educational astronomy app for iOS and Android helps you pinpoint planets and stars so you can find them with a telescope. Vito Technology's Star Walk HD - Night Sky Map is an augmented reality stargazing guide for spotting over 200,000 stars, planets, constellations, satellites and galaxies. Designed for the iPad, it looks fantastic on the new pro editions.

Star Walk is a handy astronomy guide that shows celestial objects (stars, constellations, satellites, etc.) in the exact positions on the sky above you, providing information about them. It helps you find your way across the sky, determine where to look for any chosen object, rewind or fast-forward time to see how celestial bodies move.

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How do you use the Star Walk app?

All you have to do is point your phone at the night sky, and Star Walk locates and pinpoints the exact location of the celestial object you want to see. You can use the precise location to find the object in your telescope. You can access information about every celestial body that shows up in the app. It also includes a calendar of upcoming celestial events so you can plan your next stargaze.

The first time you open the app, an overview quickly explains how to use Sky Guide’s gestures and time controls, but it’s all quite straightforward: pinch to zoom, drag to scroll, and tap to select. Flick and subtle inertia has the sky continue moving for a moment, in an elegant manner.

Aesthetically, the app is a delight. The night sky is bathed in light above a mountainous silhouette horizon, beneath which everything takes on a darker hue; delicate illustrative artwork outlines constellations when they’re approached. An ambient soundtrack plays, and stars emit noises — hotter and larger stars, respectively, offering higher and louder notes.

The Pros of using Star Walk

  • Perfect educational tool for space enthusiasts of all ages
  • Easy to move forward or backward through time
  • Accurate astronomical calendar updated frequently

More Information

Narration Narration

Suitable for ages - Ages 18 and older
Secondary School Apps (11-14 Years)
Secondary School Apps (14-18 Years)

Subjects & Topics - Science

Great for - Critical Thinking
Engagement and Usability
Academic Relevance

The Cons of using Star Walk

  • Uses phone's sensors and GPS leads to high battery consumption
  • Free version has ads

Download Star Walk

You can download Star Walk on your iOS or Android devices from the app stores. Download the Star Walk app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Download Star Walkfor Android Download Star Walkfor iOS

Final Verdict: Star Walk Review

Star Walk is an augmented reality experience for the night sky that is available as a paid-for ($2.99) and free version, with the latter displaying ads and lacking in features.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Star Walk free?

Star Walk is available for free to download on all iOS and Android devices.

What are the alternatives to Star Walk?

The best Star Walk alternatives are SkyView, Stellarium, Sky Map and KStars.

What is the difference between Star Walk and Star Walk 2?

The original Star Walk remains one of the best apps for budding stargazers of all levels, but Star Walk 2 has added some excellent features for night-time jaunts. It will identify the location of stars, planets, meteors and nebulae, the International Space Station and comets. Point it at the sky and you’ll soon be marvelling at the cosmos.

What are Star Walk Widgets

A stargazing widget tells you about the upcoming visible celestial events with respect to user's location, current phase of the moon, time of sunset and sunrise, and even alerts to the closest iridium flares. It helps you be aware of the upcoming events and have the info at your fingertips. By tapping the event on the widget you can open up Star Walk, go to Calendar section and set a reminder for the event in the Calendar app.

Privacy Rating

Data Safety

Does the app provide a secure and safe experience for its intended usersStar Walk is safe to use

Value and Presentation

Is the app easy to use and accessible?Star Walk is easy to use and accessible
Is this app well-made and presented?Star Walk is well-made and presented
Is this app useful for its intended users?Star Walk is user-friendly
Does this app provide good value?Star Walk provides good value to the users