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Star Dash Studios: Runner Game

  • Android, iPad, iPhone
  • Free
  • age 16+

About Star Dash Studios: Runner Game

Star Dash Studios is a free smartphone game for young adults, helping them to see everyday maths in vocational settings.

Teacher Review

The action takes place on a movie set- the player is a runner and it's their first job in the film business. Star Dash Studios is linked to real-life scenarios and helps players to see the value of maths in the workplace and daily life. The game encourages them to:
  • Complete the missions the crew set by using everyday maths
  • Collect coins, cover a distance, and help the crew to complete a to do list.
  • Chart the skills they've learned on a CV
  • Progress through 6 different ranks from runner to producer.
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Android, iPad, iPhone





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National Numeracy

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  • Star Dash Studios: Runner GameStar Dash Studios: Runner GameStar Dash Studios: Runner GameStar Dash Studios: Runner GameStar Dash Studios: Runner Game


Star Dash Studios is a free runner game that challenges you to train as a runner on a film set and complete puzzles on the way.

In this running game, your character is the runner on a film set and has to complete a number of challenges to progress through the game, learn how to impress the director, and win promotion to a better job on set.

Star Dash Studios offers a creative, colourful and challenging chase around a movie studio where you have the chance to train yourself to improve your mental maths and to learn number skills.

Numeracy is more than just knowing how to multiply figures, add sums and do arithmetic, it’s about knowing the maths you need for everyday life and work. Playing games adds to the speed of learning new skills and aids mental development, and the challenges on the film set in Star Dash Studios help you in training your brain to solve numeracy problems and learn mathematics.

So if you’re sitting at a bus stop, waiting for a friend, or looking for something to do, why not make the most of your time and learn new maths skills as you run through the challenges in Star Dash Studios?

Game Features:

Voiced by YouTube star Chris Kendall.

Runner: Start your training on the film set by solving puzzles and running around the studio avoiding obstacles and collecting the right number of coins.

Stunt Double: Learn to set the ramps in the right position to make the motorcycle stunt a success.

Make Up Artist: Mentally work out when to set the clock so that the extra gets on the film set at the right time.

Key Grip: Use mental arithmetic to solve number puzzles to balance the weights on the camera rig.

Special Effects: Challenge yourself to set the rocket at the right angle to launch with a bang.

Props Designer: Practise your skills with figures as you work out how much wood to cut, training your eye to estimate the measurements.

From the people who brought you the Challenge, Star Dash Studios forms part of a suite of National Numeracy tools aimed at engaging adults and young people in improving their maths skills. The National Numeracy Challenge has helped large numbers of people to learn how to improve their everyday maths, and the Star Dash Studios games and puzzles draw on the learning from the Challenge. Through fun and simple puzzles, learn how to use figures, multiply sums and use arithmetic to solve problems.

Poor numeracy adversely affects life chances, career prospects and the wider economy. It can affect people’s confidence with numbers and their self-esteem. Research from a review of adult up-skilling in numeracy by the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills demonstrates that improving numeracy directly contributes to growth in personal and social confidence. This simple running game with mathematics puzzles helps players train themselves to develop their mental maths and learn about numbers. With Star Dash Studios you learn as you play, improving your maths skills, mastering how to multiply figures and solve everyday problems with basic arithmetic. It looks like a game, feels like a game, but gives you maths practice and numeracy challenges along the way. It also signposts you to further mathematics learning and training.

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