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About Star Chart

Star Chart is a stargazing app for your smartphone that let’s you explore the sun, planets, and major moons of the solar system, along with 88 constellations. Star Chart lets you to see the stars and planets in the skies accurately by pointing their Android device towards the sky. Star Chart is available for free to download on iOS devices.

Star Chart Review

What is Star Chart?

Star Chart app allows users to see the visible universe at their fingertips. With information such as distance, brightness, and object references, you will quickly find interesting facts about any celestial body.

Using GPS technology and a 3D Universe, Star Chart calculates in real time the current location of each star and planet visible from Earth and shows you where it is placed. To see what the night sky looks like on the other side of the Earth, simply point your device down.

It is considered to be one of the best star gazing apps for Android and iOS because of the Voice control feature, which means you can explore the solar system using various voice commands.

Star Chart is the perfect example of an app that can provide that spark for students. Overlaying a stunningly detailed view of the night sky on students’ phones or tablet devices, the app can become your classes virtual telescope to explore the whole visible universe.

Star Chart is an astronomy app that makes it easy for you to learn more about the objects you are viewing by tapping the star or planet. One of the amazing feature is Time Shift that allows you to go back and forth in time to see past and future celestial placement patterns.

Using state of the art GPS technology, an accurate 3D universe, and all of the latest high tech functionality, Star Chart calculates – in real time – the current location of every star and planet visible from Earth and shows you precisely where they are; even in broad daylight! All you have to do is point your Android device at the sky and Star Chart will tell you exactly what you are looking at.

Is Star Chart free?

Star Chart is available for free to download on iOS devices.

How will students benefit?

One of the most wonderful objectives of the Star Chart app is to get children off the couch and outside to explore the world around them. Try taking your class outside to introduce the app. It may be a bright sunny day, but the effect and impact of the app is greatly increased when students can point their device at the sky and picture the stars, planets and systems up above.

The Star Chart app gives you the ability to take screen captures and save images to your device. Have your students use the app to collect information and images that they can later use in reports, presentations or to integrate into other media. You can even use the app to capture your own imagery to use in lesson plans, discussions and class material. 

Overall Rating

Star Chart is similar to Star Walk, but its free. You can also manually set the location to see what the sky looks like from the other side of the planet. It displays stars and planets in real time and it includes a time shift feature that lets you see what the sky will look like 10,000 years into the past or future.

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Android, Windows, iPad, iPhone



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Download Star Chart

You can download Star Chart on your iOS or Android devices from the app stores. Download the Star Chart app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

You can download Star Chart on your Windows devices from the Windows Store.

Download Star Chartfor Android Download Star Chartfor iOS Download Star Chartfor Windows

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