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From the Developer

Kids can learn to identify states and state locations with Stack the States. They can also learn the state capitals, mottos, flags, abbreviations, and nicknames through a series of mini-games. Stack the States offers kids an engaging way to learn geography details in a fun experience they can't get with traditional flash cards. The app turns states into cute cartoon-like characters with large popping eyes and uses a fun physics based game to encourage children to get to know them and their locations on the map.
Stack the States asks trivia questions about a state, or asks kids to identify the shape of the state. When kids answer correctly they'll earn that state to add to their platform. The goal is to stack as many states on the platform as necessary to reach a goal line without the stack tipping over. When kids reach the goal, their reward is a state to add to their collection. As the collection grows, kids earn bonus games.
Stack the States Lite is a terrific free version of an app that provides a lot of the content available in the full version.
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