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About Stack the Countries™

Stack the countries is an educational geography game teaching and testing students on the countries of the world and their shapes, neighbours, landmarks, capital cities, languages, flags, and other geographical facts. Stack the Countries is available on iOS and Android devices.

Stack the Countries™ Review

STACK THE COUNTRIES is a fun game that allows you to learn about the world's geography while also putting your knowledge to the test. The game may be customised to what players want to learn at any given time by changing the parts of the world they visit and the types of questions they are asked. As they sit on the pedestal, all of the countries have cheerful, smiling faces looking at each other.

The game supplies world maps and flash cards with country facts that can be studied before playing the game portion of the app. Gameplay involves reading questions and choosing from four different countries or country shapes as the answer. The game is not timed. If the player answers the question correctly, they get to drop the country onto the waiting pelatform. Students keep dropping countries on the platform, moving or rotating them as desired before dropping, until enough are stacked up to reach the checkered line. The player then receives a random country that gets placed on the chosen map. Once students receive 20 countries, a second game called Map It is unlocked. After 50 countries, a third game called Pile Up is unlocked. Six different profiles can be saved in the game, and there is also a guest player option.

There are more than 1,000 unique questions, flash cards for each country, and interactive maps of the continents. There are hi-res photos of famous landmarks throughout the game. As students answer questions correctly, they progress through the game. Their progress is tracked through personalized maps, and up to six student profiles can be saved.

What do we like about Stack the countries?

The game also has lovely elements like a changeable background that shows numerous important landmarks around the earth, including the Great Wall of China and Ayers Rock. The pedestal adjusts to match the theme of the room. When children properly answer a question and are given a country to place on the pedestal, the country adjusts in size to match the other countries. As a result, Russia and Canada become enormous, while Benin and Montenegro become insignificant. Stack the Countries will hold the attention of both children and adults for a long time as they put their knowledge and country-stacking skills to the test.

What skills does it improve?

Because of the various forms and sizes of countries, it can take anywhere from one to a dozen or more to complete a game. Learning geography knowledge becomes much more enjoyable thanks to the approach of stacking countries as effectively as possible.

What age is it appropriate for?

Stack the countries is appropriate for ages in grades of 2-6.

Is Stack the countries free?

Stack the Countries is available with a premium subscription and is compatible with Android and iOS devices. 

Is Stack the countries easy to use?

Reading questions and selecting one of four distinct countries or country shapes as an answer is how the game is played. The game does not have a time limit. If the player correctly answers the question, they will be able to place the country on the waiting pedestal. Kids keep dropping countries on the pedestal, rotating or shifting them as desired before dropping them, until the checkered line is reached. 

The user is then given a random country to place on the globe map. A second game, Map It, is unlocked once the youngsters have received 20 countries. A third game, Pile Up, is unlocked after 50 nations have been visited. There are six different profiles that can be saved in the game, as well as the opportunity to play as a guest player.

How will students benefit?

Before playing the game on Stack the Countries, kids can read the flash cards. In the main game, kids are given a multiple choice question and must choose one of four nations or country shapes as an answer. If the player properly answers the question, the country is placed on a pedestal. 

Questions continue to pour in, and children continue to place countries on the pedestal, rotating or shifting them as desired before dropping them, until enough are stacked to reach the finish line. After that, the user is given a country to place on the globe map. A second game, Map It, is unlocked once children have received 20 countries. A third game, Pile Up, is unlocked after 50 countries.

How will teachers benefit?

Easy-to-use flashcards and engaging stacking games help kids learn about the globe. Look no further if you're seeking a fun approach to teaching students about world geography. This programme can also assist students to have a better understanding of countries' border neighbours, their relative sizes which is easy to understand when they see the countries piled on top of each other, and other topics. This difficult educational game software is not for beginners in geography, and pupils must be able to read well enough to use the flashcards and answer the multiple-choice questions.

How will parents benefit?

Parents should be aware that Stack the Countries is an educational geography game that teaches and quizzes children about the world's countries and their shapes, as well as their neighbours, landmarks, capital cities, languages, flags, and other geographic facts. For a large age range, including adults, the challenge is both low and high enough. Before playing the game component of the programme, players can study global maps and flash cards containing nation facts.

What can Stack the countries improve on?

Because there is no audio, children are unable to hear the correct pronunciation of countries and capital cities, which can be difficult to speak.

How much does Stack the countries cost?

Stack the Countries costs $2.99. 

Final thoughts

Stack the Countries has a number of features that make it an outstanding classroom geography resource. Capitals, continents, languages, border countries, cities, monuments, flags, and country shapes are among the flashcards that can be used individually for lessons or self-tests on specific continents. This software is also useful for cultural knowledge; for example, if the class examines the monuments depicted in the backdrops of Stack the Countries, students can gain a visual understanding of the country's history and culture.

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