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From the Developer

This application helps you do your daily “Plan of Life” or “The Norms of Piety”.
Available in English, Spanish, German, Portugues, French and Italian.
All of St. Josemaría’s writings, plus the New Testament, the Holy Rosary, and many other devotions are all available at your finger tips.
With your busy schedules this application can definitely help you complete your norms.
St. Josemaria’s Prayer Card (6 languages).
Spanish, German, Portuguese, French and Italian).
–The Way, Furrow, The Forge
–Friends of God, Christ is Passing by
–Holy Rosary Book and more.
• New Testament with chapter (2 languages).
• Checklist of daily norms with on and off indication.
• Daily Norms (6 languages) includes:
–Morning Offering
–Morning and afternoon prayer
–Holly Mass before and after prayers
–Visit to the Blessed Sacrament
–Gospel Reading
–Spiritual Reading
–Angelus & Regina Caeli (6 languages)
–Holy Rosary
–Saxum (Memorare) and many others
–Three Purity Hail Marys
• Examination of Conscience
• Prayers for Holy Mass (Preparation and Thanksgiving) in English, Spanish
• Via Crucis with points by St. Josemaría (6 languages).
• Prelate monthly letter (6 languages).
• Other prayer cards from Opus Dei members (6 languages).
• Your reading position and all writings is remembered for easy return were you left off.
• Many prayers in Latin.

This application “St. Josemaria” is authorized by the Studium Foundation to have St. Josemaria’s Writings.
The Studium Foundation was established in Madrid on April 6, 2000. Its purpose is to promote “the publication and dissemination on a not-for-profit basis of literary works that contribute to the Christian and human education of people, as well as to promote or participate in cultural activities that have the same character of formation or dissemination of human and spiritual values.”

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