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About Spreeder

Spreeder is one of the best e-Reader apps and is particularly suitable for those who wish to speed read entire eBooks and electronic documents. Spreeder is available for Mac and Windows but the all-in-one license also includes a free browser, iPad and iPhone app.

Spreeder Review

One of the best things about the Spreeder CX is that it combines the software-based learning with a variety of training resources including lessons narrated by world-recognized professionals in the field. Some of those professionals have separate personal courses at much higher prices, which you can later find if you find any particular teacher to be your perfect one.

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The software you will purchase from the Spreeder website works on multiple platforms: Windows computers as well as Linux and Mac. Having purchased the CX, you will also receive the option to install the iPhone/iPad app free of charge. The apps and the online version work with the cloud and are able to sync your progress among all your devices (of which you can have an unlimited number). The license you buy is valid for three years. Although there are lifetime licenses offered on the market they are usually not cheap and, let's face it, you probably don't want to spend a lifetime learning how to speed read, a limited access might also act as an incentive to put in more effort, and at a price the Spreeder CX is offered at, it is also one of the most affordable solutions. The only drawback here is that there is no Android app for now but we do hope it will be added sometime later.

Spreeder CX license provides you with a cloud storage space where you can import anything you want to read in addition to the 20,000 free books offered by the software creators. This means that you can learn to speed read and consume the information you yourself need or are interested in at the same time. It is a very convenient option for those of us who keep track of the world situation by reading news articles as well as for those who read a lot of documentation for work. This speed reading software works with as many as 46 document formats, including not only the most popular PDF, TXT, and DOCX but also EPUB and MOBI e-book formats, CBR/CBZ comic book formats, and many more. It is truly a universal option.

Spreeder Alternatives

There is a range of tools that offer similar features and services. Over the last years we have seen almost hundreds of new options coming up but also disappearing quickly again. We recommend to first work out what you are actually looking for in such an app, and then test a few and see which one actually sticks and produces results.

The following suggestions are great alternatives. Read our reviews to learn more about features, pros and cons. Acceleread | Read Me | Reading Trainer

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