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About Splingo's Language Universe

Splingo is a high-quality, interactive game designed by Speech and Language Therapists/Pathologists to help children learn listening and language skills. The game is instructional based whereby the user needs to follow instructions to complete a variety of tasks.

Splingo's Language Universe Review

There are two voices available American and British which you can select to suit your needs.  The American voice seems to be an adult and the British sounds like a child but is not always clear. Pressing Splingo during the game will make him repeat the instruction. Additionally, you can choose to have text which accompanies the audio either on or off. 
Children’s progress can be saved and up to five users can be stored on the device. The progress is measured according to the highest score, this can be good for competition but it doesn’t take into account different abilities.  It would be more suitable if data was stored according to areas of weakness for each user, this would be really beneficial for teachers. it would be also useful if Splingo the Alien could give more appropriate feedback and praise, Splingo says an 'uh oh' like sound when the child has made a mistake. it would be more beneficial to use clear language such as 'good try, have another go'. I know that this is a small issue but as the app is designed with language development in mind, I feel it would be useful. Finally, the option of pressing Splingo to repeat instructions is not that clear, perhaps a 'play' button could be added to his body. This would be a good visual prompt that an independent user could follow.
Apart from these minor details and the fact that the most recent update occurred in 2013, Splingo Language Universe is an excellent application which taps into the needs of young people with language delay.

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Android, iPad, iPhone


In-App Purchases - Yes

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The Speech And Language Store LLP

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